Snow Day!

TGIF!! Today is the LAST Friday of the year & the first time to snow at our house this year!  
My two youngest daughters got to play outside as it was falling. They had a great time, for a whole 10 minutes!! I loved just watching them play together. They are the sweetest sisters to each other sometimes. I really enjoy watching them together do things that I did with my siblings at their age.   Really makes me appreciate "time" more. Family time should never be taken for granted.  I love every moment with my sweeties.  Here are a few snapshots from earlier. :) 

*Jocee enjoying the snow!*

*Angel catching snowflakes on her tongue!*



*Jocee looks like she's scared, but I promise she was in the middle of saying, "Cheese!"  lol*
*Kisses for a monkey!*

*Indoor S'Mores!*

Sometimes I realize that these two get less one-on-one time with me, or less attention than Caity does.  I feel guilty, but I know its necessary sometimes to take care of Caity first.  The girls are so sweet and at this point in life, they aren't noticing the lack of attention. I hope 2013 will be better for us all as a family.  I want to do more with just the two of them than I normally do, because they are getting older.  They will be 5 & 3 in 2013.   They aren't going to be my "little girls" much longer.   :(    I just love how photogenic my girls are, so I can look back on all these little simple moments that bring us all joy!   Mommy loves you girls! xo.

Influenster Holiday VoxBox 2012

 I have been an Influenster for 1 year now!! My first voxbox ever was the Holiday VoxBox from 2011, and getting the new Holiday VoxBox for 2012 made me realize just how much I have enjoyed my first year as an Influenster!  If you aren't familiar with what that is, then please feel free to visit http://www.influenster.com/about to learn more.  Here is an snippet from their site:

Anyways, onto the goods!! Lots of different stuff. A couple of things were repeat items from previous voxboxes, such as the NYC Liquid Lipshine, Kiss Nail Dress, & Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks.  I rate this box with 4 stars, simply because I would have liked to see a different product from NYC or a different shade of the Liquid Lipshine other than Nude York City... which was the exact same product I received in last years Holiday VoxBox.  :)   No complaints however. It's a great product and I am sure there are several ppl who got a box this year who didn't last year, and they are trying it for the first time!  

*Influenster Holiday VoxBox 2012*

Goody Quickstyle Paddlebrush


NYC Liquid Lipshine in Nude York City


Kiss Nail Dress in Babydoll


Quaker Real Medleys Cherry Pistachio Oatmeal Cup


Montagne Jeuness Fruit Smoothie Aux Fruits in Raspberry/Mango Mask


Sole Society $25 off Code for EVERYBODY!!




Anyways, if you would like an invite to join Influenster, then let me know! I have 5 to give out!  Would love for you to join my team & help influence others & share a love for awesome products.

FTC Disclaimer: I  received all of these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.




BzzCampaign CoverGirl BlastFlipstick

So I am a BzzAgent!  If you aren't familiar with that term, then please fee free to visit the links at the bottom of this blog post for more information! :)

Anyways I signed up for a bzzcampaign this month and received a giant box with CoverGirl products inside! More specifically CoverGirl BlastFlipsticks!  4 of them!  I was so excited to be a part of this awesme campaign because I love CoverGirl.   Most of the cosmetics I can afford are from the CoverGirl brand, so this campaign was right up my alley, even though I am not an everyday lipstick wearer.  Another thing that got me excited was the insert in the box that had CoverGirl Sofia Vergara on it! Love her!

I received 20  $2.00 off coupons & 4 CoverGirl BlastFlipsticks in the shades #820 Vixen, #840 Stunner, #805 Pucker, & #855 Minx. I shared the samples with my daughter's therapists and passed out coupons & chose to keep #805 Pucker for myself. This isn't the first time I have tried Blastflipsticks.  I have purchased different shades in the past.

These retail for about $8 at most stores.

These lipstick duos have a matte color & a shimmer color on opposite ends & when applied, can be worn individually and together for endless options!  My favorite part about this lipstick is that you can customize your lip color! And the packaging, is cute! The tube itself is sleek and colorful and shows an ombre look of what the colors in the tube are intended to look like when applied seperately or together.

Now in my opinion, the available shades aren't for everybody.  And not everybody enjoys "frosted" lip colors, as the shimmery shades seem to look frosty.  But the lip color itself is pretty pigmented.  In fact, in the shade I sampled myself, Pucker, the matte shade, which was a bright berry pink shade, actually STAINED my lips!

Overall I rate CoverGirl BlastFlipsticks with a B+.  4 stars. I wish there were more than their 13 shades to choose from, or perhaps two matte colors of different shades on each stick and skip the frosty/shimmery shade altogether!

For more information:
Facebook- facebook.com/covergirl
Twitter- twitter.com/COVERGIRL
Youtube- youtube.com/covergirl
Pinterest- pinterest.com/covergirlxo

Where to buy?:

About BzzAgent:

Best of all, joining BzzAgent is FREE!!  
Every campaign is FREE! 

FTC Disclaimer: 
All opinions are my own. I was not paid to review anything. I am a BzzAgent and I joined a BzzCampaign and received the following products to sample for free, with no obligation. 


December to Remember

Life has been so busy lately.  Sometimes I have to stop and take it all in!

 My husband is so hardworking these days. He has been working 12 hour days, 6 days a week, and then his Reserves Drills as well.  He went 3 weeks of no days off. Bless his heart. I know he is doing is best right now and there is nothing more attractive than a working man. A hard-working man, working at least one, let alone two jobs to support his family.  I am so grateful for the sacrifices Adam makes to provide for us.  I know he is miserable at his jobs, but he does it for me, and our children.   That is a good man, right there.

Caity has had a lot going on lately.  After 3 months of being given the run around, we finally have a dr who is willing to do Caity's surgeries & accept her Medicaid!  Woot woot!  I am so happy and relieved.  We head to St. Louis Children's Hospital in February for it.   Nervous about how it will all play out, but I am sure we will be okay!

Caity was sick for 2 weeks. Congestion, bad cough.  Yucky stuff. Happens every winter. Just been rough for her lately.  Her seizures are changing & I know its because we are weening her off of a drug she has been on for 3 years, called Keppra, and she's going through a huge growth spurt right now.   She lost her VERY first tooth two days ago, and that was a huge milestone for her. I had to pull it out myself, and I am glad she was the most perfect child about it. I was more scared than she was.  That is typically how it goes.  Mom worries.. Caity is fine.   Makes me giggle after the fact, but I cried when I pulled her tooth out.  The anxiety was almost too much for me. I was so worried for the last couple of months that her tooth would fall out during a seizure or in the middle of the night and she would choke to death on it.   Thank GOD, that did not happen.   I prayed so much about it, and my prayers were answered!

Caity got her very first FB AD for her Help4Caity FB page!  This is pretty neat! If you are on FB anytime between now and the end of January, you might see this AD on your sponsored ad's list in your sidebar next to your contacts!    And if you haven't yet, please "Like" Help4Caity on Facebook.  That is where most updates pertaining to Caitlyn will be!  Thanks! :)

Caity's 2nd campaign hasn't really been doing much. It's received $10.  I am not complaining though because  it is Christmas time, and I know ppl feel that if you ASK for money from others around the holidays, no matter what the reason, ppl tend to have the wrong idea and assume it's just bc you're greedy.   Well, I can tell you what, I am not greedy.  I am not one of those mothers who FAKE my child's illnesses for attention or use her money that is donated for HER on my own selfish desires.   People who do that are justifiably sick.     So if you are wondering why we haven't been puting Indiegogo.com/TeamCaity on blast, or trying really hard to get it funded, we are taking our time, and that is why.   Besides there is a time and place for everything.  An Uncle told me yesterday that Christmas time is when ppl feel most like giving, and that I should blast her campaign as much as I can, but I feel in my heart, we should take our time with it.  I believe Caity will get funded when it's right!

We did receive some cash in a Christmas card this week that a youtube friend/subscriber sent to Caity.  So nice of her!  Nichole, if you read my blog, Thank You!!  <3

Also, a local news lady named Melissa Stern from KOZL wants to do an interview with our family about Caity.   I think this would be a fantastic way to spread the word about Caity & open the door for other parents with children like Caity to reach out to us & help us learn about and from eachother.  Also a great way to network Caity's campaigns, more than we can do ourselves!    Not sure if we will go for it yet, but when I am ready, and it happens, I will let everybody know when it will be aired & will even share links!

Angel & Jocee are excited for Christmas.  This year I think "Santa" aka Mommy & Daddy are going to get them a huge dollhouse for Christmas.  Unfortunately they aren't cheap & the ones we found online usually don't have the pieces, like furniture and families.  We'll see what happens.

The kids had a great time helping decorate the Christmas tree.  It's the same tree our family has had since 2006, when Caity was born. Every year we decorate it a little different. Usually different colored ornaments & lights, or garland, etc.  This year we kept the red & green theme.   It glows really pretty. We use white strands so you can't see anything but lights. The strands blend in with our white tree.  I love it.  Our lights blink and chase too.  And we have a fiber optic Grandfather Winter on top of the tree. He's pretty too.  Here are a couple pictures up close of our tree:

*Giant SnowFlake Ornaments*

*Bead strands thrown on the tree. <3* 

* My FAVE ornament, from the $1 Tree*

 Since we live in a small apartment, we don't have the room to put our tree anywhere but in our Kitchen!  I know that is odd, but our kitchen/living room is one giant room basically and our sectional, the way placed, separates the two pretty well.  I don't mind where it's at.  I do hope that this time next year we are living in a HOUSE! We have never had a house!  That is our goal as a family!!  Probably after income tax time & our lease is up in March.  We are going to go for the gold!  I hope the Lord provides!  Pray for us! :)

Oh, and before I get of of here... Let's not forget the meaning of Christmas too!  People get so carried away with Christmas trees, decorations & gifts that they forget the real meaning behind Christmas!  Jesus is the reason for the season!  I won't preach at anybody, even though this is MY blog and MY tiny space on the internet to do so, but I just hope that everybody out there finds the Christmas spirit within themselves, their family & GOD too, if you believe!   

The MOST exciting thing I wanted to share with you guys on this blog is that this past week, I got to talk to my long-lost older brother that I have never met before!!  Yay!!

I am 25, and all of my life I have known that I had an older brother, but never knew much about him other than his first name.   My father was with a woman before he and my mother got married & had me, and he never wanted to talk about his past.  It wasn't until 3 months ago that I learned my brother's mother's name and played detective myself, and FOUND her and my brother on FB.   I messaged them and assumed they weren't interested in talking to me bc 3 months passed and I hadn't heard anything. Well a week ago today, I got a message back from my brother's mother & she was the right person I was looking for and they too, had always wanted to know about me & my other brothers .  So I am now, for the first time ever, officially, a little sister to somebody!   I have always been the oldest.  But not anymore. I am soo beyond excited about this.  I have talked to my brother & his wife all week.  We have a lot in common.  We are planning to meet up in person soon and I can't wait to get to know them more!  But I am one of those success stories that you hear about.  I found a long-lost sibling on Facebook.  What are the odds?  Hahaha.  Love it.

To my brother and his wife... I love you guys!! :)

I love family! eeeep!!

And... gosh, I am rambling today. I hope everybody has a great week! I'll update this and Caity-related everything, later!



Happy Thanksgiving 2012

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my family, my close friends & my new friends who I have met through the internet. Caity has a HUGE support system. More than I ever imagined, and lots of people have been so nice to us and have prayed for us! So blessed. I feel the love!! Esp. through Twitter. A few of my favorite people tweeted and retweeted Caity's campaign! Thank you!

Caity's very 1st Indiegogo campaign ended yesterday and raised exactly $3000.  We have another campaign launched in its place to continue raising the funds we need.  Indiegogo.com/TeamCaity  will last for 72 days & I hope this 2nd time around we can raise more money to add to Caity's account for her equipment! Soon she will get a new wheelchair! I am so excited and very grateful.  If Caity could talk, she would thank you too. :)

For updates, please view facebook.com/help4caity on the regular. Also, some really beautiful canvases are being sold and some of the proceeds go to Caity!  Visit https://www.facebook.com/TheCanvas4CaityPage  for more information.

Can't wait to eat some good food with my family. That is what Thanksgiving is all about. Family.  Glad I have an amazing one!!  I'm hosting this year and I have a huge menu planned!  Eep! And to the ones I won't be seeing today, I love you anyways and I hope each of you enjoy your Thanksgiving.

The photos here... Caity got new bangs! And she likes to hang upside down for some reason.  lol xo.


Help For Caity

Caitlyn's Campaign is live. Went live at like 3am today and so far we have had so much support all over FB, Twitter, Youtube, in person, over the phone, etc. It is amazing how many people do care!  It hasn't even been 24 hour yet, and we have already received $1600 toward our goal!  Such a blessing after the month we have had.

Want to help?  Please share!  

Cannot wait to see where this goes. I have a feeling GOD will provide. I have been a faithful mother & I always do my best to take care of my children. I have never asked for help until yesterday when I made the decision to do so!

We did have one person try to rain on our parade today, and while it upset me at first, I realized that the person who said those nasty things doesn't know me, and so I shouldn't satisfy them by spending time upset!
Today on Twitter, I tweeted a celebrity for a retweet to spread the word about Caity's campaign, and this is the tweet I got shortly after:

Oh well. Can't win them all, esp. internet trolls.  God bless. xo.


Caitlyn's Fall Family Photos!

She just turned 6, but unlike most 6 year olds, Caitlyn faces many daily challenges. Caity suffers from a great deal of mental and physical disorders such as a neuronal migration disorder called Periventricular Nodular Heterotopia with Overlying Polymicrogyria, Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Autism, Cortical Blindness, and Scoliosis to name a few. Despite all of her obstacles & being only given 4 years to live, Caitlyn has outlived her grim prognosis by 2 years & is thriving, although at a very slow pace. She does not communicate, but on a good day, we are lucky to capture a smile or two, and maybe even a laugh. She has two little sisters & parents who love her to the moon & back! Photo credit: Linegar Photography


*Caitlyn & Daddy*

*Caitlyn & Mommy*

*Caitlyn smiling for Mommy*

*Jocelyn, Caitlyn, Evangeline*

*Mommy & Evangeline & Jocelyn*

*Giggling little sweet girls!*

*Our family!*

*Love this!*
*Our Princess Cait*

*Caity & Daddy*

*Daddy & Jocee & Angel*


*Evangeline, Caitlyn's little sister*

*Jocelyn, Caitlyn's baby sister*

*Trying to cheer Caity up!*