I have always wanted to start a blog. I am just not sure what to talk about. I guess I could start off by telling the world who I am.  The thing is, I really do not KNOW who I am yet. I mean, my life has been on this crazy roller coaster for the last few years and I have turned into the person I never in a bajillion years imagined I would be.  I guess that is sort of what life is all about.  Life is about living, and existing, in ways you never imagined.  Hindsight is twenty-twenty. Right?  I think I finally understand what that means! I wish I could go back ten years and re-write the whole, "where do you see your self in 10 years?" answers to the question my 9th grade English teacher gave us to put in a time capsule for all of us to read later when mailed back to us.  You know what I wrote?  I wrote that I believed that I would grow up to be this famous children's book author, married to a sexy UPS man (think Legally Blonde! Bend & Snap!) or a sexy plumber if a UPS man wasn't available, and I thought I would have graduated college and would have been driving a really nice car, and totally not even having children yet!

   The thing is, I never went to college. (I WILL one day. That is something I owe to myself and my kids! ) I never married a UPS man or even a plumber. I don't own a nice car.  (Honda Civic ftw!) And I ended up marrying my FIRST boyfriend EVER!  I married a dashing young man named Adam. (haha, I just typed dashing!)   He is two years older than me. Has a ridiculously attractive telephone voice! He used to ride a skateboard and have black spiky hair, and his labre pierced!  While he has outgrown that stage of his life thanks to me, he is still super cute imo!  He as an insane love for all things pc related. Loves building pcs. Playing pc games. Hosting and running severs, producing gaming videos, etc.   He also has a huge love for Hondas. He is so smart that he makes me look dumber than a box of rocks, but I don't mind. He has a sense of humor that I will never get, but  I just adore him. Most of the time. :)   He makes me feel needed and appreciated and that is all I could ask for!

   This year makes 10 years we have been together, and 6 years married. <3 We have 3 beautiful daughters including one who is severely handicapped with lots of special needs, and together we also have a halo baby that we lost at 14 weeks in Heaven.  We have been an Army family for the last 6 years! My husband joined right before our first daughter was born and we have gotten to live in 3 different states, and it's been a exciting experience for the most part!  I do the stay at home mom thing to our 3 Army Brats and he takes care of us.   My family is my whole world.  For some strange reason, I am eternally grateful for the life I have now, even though it SO did not live up to my expectations!  Haha!  

   I titled my blog the way I did because of the way I see my life.  I just don't see it the way others do.  Most my friends all too often tell me they see me as this super STRONG and extremely brave person! I have the nickname "SuperMom" amongst my friends.  I don't feel brave. I do not feel strong.  I struggle a lot, mostly with my faith though. (That is another story for another day! Stay tuned!) Being strong and brave doesn't come easy-- it's my only option!  I came from a poor family. I raise a poor family. But you would never know how poor we are because of how much love you see in our home. I am so happy with my precious little ladies and my video game loving, punk rock, ex-skateboarder husband that nothing else really matters.

   Anyways, my name is Andrea-Lynn. I am 24. I have a heart of gold, and I am addicted to my kids. I am one of those mom's who brag a lot. It's simply because I am proud.  Not weird at all, right?  Well hopefully whoever is reading this has children and understands that love!  If you choose to continue reading about me in the future after this first post, then my family and life is what you will learn about! I am really a nobody to me, but hopefully I am a somebody to somebody! :)

I'll introduce you to the rest of my darling family soon. Duty calls.