Meet Jocelyn Morgan

Hi friends. Thanks for stopping by again! Today you get to meet my youngest princess. Jocelyn. 

*Daddy comparing her leg to his finger.*

Jocelyn Morgan was born May 17, 2010 at 4:47 in the morning.  She was my first and only preemie baby.  She weighed only 5 lbs at birth.  I only had her about 8 weeks early, and because an infection in her lungs, that led to complications with her oxygen levels, she had to spend 10 days in the hospital's NICU.   She is lion-hearted like her Daddy, and you wouldn't know it today looking at her that she had a scary start to life! She is thriving in every way possible!  She looked like her older sisters at birth, with a head full of black hair & blue eyes, but you could tell with her more than with my other girls that she had Indian in her which comes from my father's family. She looked like a papoose at birth! I loved her complexion so much.  She was an exceptionally sweet baby.  I have adored every moment with her thus far.

*Jocee's hand compared to mine!*

*Beautiful baby!*

*Mmm 1st Chocolate!*

*I love computers like my Daddy!*

*Sturgis' McDonal's PlayPlace!*

*Best whipped cream ever! lol*

At 2 years old, Jocelyn's favorite things in the world include food--(not exaggerating, this child eats more than anybody in our family!!), the color pink, Dora & Boots, presents, and balls.  She loves playing dress up, esp. in high heels too.  She can tell me her full name when asked. It's so cute too, because she can't yet pronounce the "J" sound so her name comes out as"Docee" when she tries to say Jocee.  Now that makes me smile!  She also say her ABCs, can count her age on her fingers, and a little bit higher. 
When she walks on her tippy toes, she always announces to me, "I walk on tippy TOES!" with excitement! (Not sure why it's so exciting, but I'll take it!) She knows most of her colors, and can tell me what color every-bodies eyes & hair is.  She is OBSESSED with the GummyBear Song (warning you! Don't Youtube it! lol), thanks to her Uncle Kevin.  *eyeroll* 
She suffers from separation anxiety, ALOT.  She is glued to my hip, 24-7.  I cannot walk into another room without her crying for me. I secretly love this stage, but only with her! She is incredibly shy around strangers or family she hasn't seen in a minute, but once the ice breaks, she is the silliest! Her giggle is sooo addictive.  She loves her two big sisters.  She is a MOMMY'S GIRL, until she gets around her Grandma, then she is a Grandma's Girl. She is the only one of my children who is an exact mini-me, to a T!!


 She just simply completes our family, and well, me. :) 
Hope you enjoyed some of my favorite photos of Jocee in this post. <3

*Banging on pots is past-time!*

*2nd Birthday*

Love you Jocelyn! xo.