Movie Night/Veggin Out

So I like veggin' out. I love love LOVE chips n salsa, and guacamole!  Not just any guac...it has to be Wholly Guacamole. It's hands down, the best store-bought guac I have ever tried!  Love it so much. I crave it constantly.  Good thing I love eating healthy.  These come in 100 cal packs, which are perfect for me, as I snack a lot!   For my salsa, I love the peach pinapple salsa by Tostito Simply Natural.  It's sweet but has a bite to it!  And the Cantina Thins On The Border chips from Wal-Mart are the bomb dot com! 

Not sure what movie we are going to kick back and watch, but hopefully it's a good one! I love movie nights with my family!