My +1

*This is my husband, Adam.*

*I love him!*

September 8th will be our 6 year wedding anniversary.  We have been together for 10 years now!! eek!!

*Prom 2005*

So, I have known Adam for 18 years. We knew eachother as children, but I moved away, and then we met again in H.S. because we had mutual best friends.  We met at a bonfire & when Adam asked if he could hold my hand, I was hooked!!   He proposed to me when I was 16 and all my friend's & teachers at school thought we were too young & crazy!... but we weathered everything together, & here we are today! We are each other's rocks. We complete the other's sentences, & have such a good time together. We are spoiled. We are best friends before anything else.  Thank you Lord!

        *Home is wherever I'm with you..*

 I am so blessed to be the mother of his children, & grateful that he is a great father! I want so desperately to give him a son one day! Wishful thinking! Esp. after 3 girls! Maybe if it's in God's will, he will provide us a son one day! If not, I am totally happy and in love with my family of little ladies! <3

Adam also annoys me more than any other human being on Earth, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  :)  We take care of each other.  We enjoy tickling our babies together.   I love our deep conversations & our mutual taste in good movies & good food.   When Adam is being particularly sweet, he will get me a nice card & write the sweetest words in it.  He spoils me, even when I don't want him to, & he lets me get the last word & win every disagreement...even when I am clearly wrong. ;)  He also knows that if the house needs cleaned, he needs to drive me nuts, because when I'm in a less than good mood, things get super clean! And when I am super cranky, food always puts me in a better mood.  Chinese food to be exact. :)  So grateful Adam knows these silly things about me, and accepts them!   But anyways, I love the man in my life!  He really has no idea...

*Us recently on a dinner date!*

*We filmed an Accent Tag together for fun! Watch it!*

143 Adam. xo.