Well this is just a ramble post! Just realized the date!  Since it's after midnight... It's Friday August 31st.  That means tomorrow is the first day of the best month of the entire year for me.  Yay!  I love September so much. Start of fall... back to school...football games... my birthday.... my anniversaries... the month of the LIBRA...ahh. I just love it so much. Probably why I have been in a good mood lately!?  Full moon out too.    Hmm..   Grateful for the end of summer. Today was a hot day. They shall be burning out soon enough. Ready to break out my fur boots. :)

Well, better get to bed. Have to get up early & take Caitybug to therapy & then pop in and see my cousin Shawna who is scheduled for induction in a few hours!! She is having her first son, and the first boy in our family out of like 18 girls... lol!! Eek!  I am excited for her. And maybe a tad bit jealous! :) I want a son one day to carry on our last name.  We shall see!   GOD is good! xo.


So Caity's therapy went well as usual. Took Jocee & Angel too.  They love playing in therapy. It's a giant playground for little kids. Thank goodness, Caity's therapist Leah, is patient with me when I have the other two girls with me!   Caity got in the stander today & didn't fuss! I think she was in it for like 10-15 minutes!! What a good girl!!

I didn't pop in and see Shawna yet, bc I had the kids with me & I can only imagine how many people she has at the hospital waiting for her to have her first son!! I figured we can visit her at home later!   Good luck & congrats Shawna. So excited to meet Asher!

My little sister Kamara is having her baby shower tomorrow, for her first daughter! I got to name her too. LilyAnn.  I am really excited.  Been shopping around for carseats as my big gift to her.  I found one at Babies R Us that I love, and as it turns out, Wal-Mart & Target carry it too.  Target is surprisingly the cheaper of the three...for the SAME carseat! So this is what I think I'm going to get her today!

Can't wait to get started! I love babies so much.  Probably why I have so many. lol. :)