Unexpected Gifts

Don't know why but I am feeling particularly blessed today.  I love when good things happen to my family, unexpectedly.  I am so grateful it's not even funny.  GOD is so good to me. Don't even know what I did to deserve anything!

Today, a family friend brought over 21 boxes of special diapers for Caity!!!  I was totally not expecting anything of sorts.  It took me an hour to open & collapse all of the boxes. My fingers are actually sore now. Haha.  Anyways, after stacking and counting, here is what we have now:

*75 pkgs of pull-ups!!*

My dilemma now?  Where am I going to put these?   Hahaha!  At least Caity won't need anymore diapers for the rest of the year. What a great feeling! 

*My Mom got the girl's Halloween socks today too!*

*Watching cartoons together in their new socks! :) *

 Random acts of kindess go a long way with me.  I can't wait to pay it forward. And I will!