Baby Feet

*My 3 Blessings*

The above footprints belong to my daughters.  Bet you don't know which print belongs to which child!  
 From  right to left, Caitlyn, Evangeline, & Jocelyn.   Caity has the smallest foot, with special toes.  Evangeline and Jocelyn have twin feet. Doesn't matter what their little feet look like, because I love them all. I absolutely ADORE baby feet.  I am one of those Mom's who polish baby toes right after they are born.  I also kiss their feet every single day.  Well... as of lately, not Angel & Jocee's because lord knows, they walk outside barefoot a lot.  ;)  

One of our favorite things to do is polish toes together.  Sometimes I'll even let the girls do mine! So messy, but they do it with love, so I find the sweetness in it.  

This post is kind of silly, but I just wanted to express my love for my girls today... 

*Caitlyn & Mommy's feet*

*Comparing Caity's 2 year old feet to Angel's 5 day old feet!*

*Angel & Caity's sweet feet*
*Love Angel's painted toes!*

*Jocee's 10 day old feet!*

*Jocee & Mommy's feet*

*Angel's polished toes!*

*Evangeline's cute toes*

*Dirty feet on the trampoline! Makes me smile!*

*Summertime=lots of barefeet!*

*Love them!*

*Jocee's feet today!*

I have given thought to tattooing each of their baby feet prints on my back, but what if I have several more children? I don't want my back to look like a door mat! lol   Well, you know what I mean!