Happy Anniversary! /Surgery Update

Today is my 6th Wedding Anniversary with Adam.  Life really does fly when you are raising a family.  10 years together.  Wow. I just can't believe we have lasted, survived, stayed... for this long!  It's a huge milestone. I am proud of it too. Adam is the best thing to happen to me.  So grateful for growing up with him & now I can't wait to grow old with him.  He joined the Army 6 years ago to take care of our family & I could never thank him enough for choosing a career that has allowed me to stay at home and take care of our children.  It's not been easy but we have worked so hard together.  Adam, I love you!

Adam & I went to Nakatos for dinner last night. It was great. I actually enjoy sushi!  Rained a lot, but we still got out and enjoyed our evening. Even met a really nice couple of people who ate next to us, which made our dinner even better. Good conversation and good food.

Adam's awesome uncle bought us a brand new washer yesterday.  Anniversary gift.  So happy about that, because it was unexpected.  He told me I needed a positive in my life.  Much needed. Much appreciated too. Thank you Uncle Don!

Yesterday we also took Caitybug to her Orthopedic Specialist.  He xrayed her hips & chest.  Caity's hip dysplasia & scoliosis is so bad that we got referred to Shriner's Hospital for Children in St. Louis for spinal fusion & hip surgery in a couple of weeks.  I am scared!! Nervous.  Worried.   Nauseous.     Granted, Caity has had 9 surgeries so far, but back surgery is huge!  No telling how long we will end up in the hospital with her for.   Thankfully, my sister has offered to keep my youngest girls & my Mom offered to take us to St. Louis and be there with us for support.  Adam even managed to score some extra Army work for the next couple weeks to help us out financially for our trip.  So grateful.  He'll be doing normal active duty 8-5 work with active duty pay!! Oh how we have missed his active pay since he went into the Reserves!    So blessed.  I think his work will even let him miss drill next month because of this.

*Caity has a 65 degree curve of her spine! This is her xray from yesterday, from above of her chest. The oval thing at the top of her shoulder, is the VNS she had implanted in 2009.*

*Here is Caity's hip dysplasia xray.*

*Caity in therapy yesterday!*