Help For Caity

Caitlyn's Campaign is live. Went live at like 3am today and so far we have had so much support all over FB, Twitter, Youtube, in person, over the phone, etc. It is amazing how many people do care!  It hasn't even been 24 hour yet, and we have already received $1600 toward our goal!  Such a blessing after the month we have had.

Want to help?  Please share!  

Cannot wait to see where this goes. I have a feeling GOD will provide. I have been a faithful mother & I always do my best to take care of my children. I have never asked for help until yesterday when I made the decision to do so!

We did have one person try to rain on our parade today, and while it upset me at first, I realized that the person who said those nasty things doesn't know me, and so I shouldn't satisfy them by spending time upset!
Today on Twitter, I tweeted a celebrity for a retweet to spread the word about Caity's campaign, and this is the tweet I got shortly after:

Oh well. Can't win them all, esp. internet trolls.  God bless. xo.


Caitlyn's Fall Family Photos!

She just turned 6, but unlike most 6 year olds, Caitlyn faces many daily challenges. Caity suffers from a great deal of mental and physical disorders such as a neuronal migration disorder called Periventricular Nodular Heterotopia with Overlying Polymicrogyria, Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Autism, Cortical Blindness, and Scoliosis to name a few. Despite all of her obstacles & being only given 4 years to live, Caitlyn has outlived her grim prognosis by 2 years & is thriving, although at a very slow pace. She does not communicate, but on a good day, we are lucky to capture a smile or two, and maybe even a laugh. She has two little sisters & parents who love her to the moon & back! Photo credit: Linegar Photography


*Caitlyn & Daddy*

*Caitlyn & Mommy*

*Caitlyn smiling for Mommy*

*Jocelyn, Caitlyn, Evangeline*

*Mommy & Evangeline & Jocelyn*

*Giggling little sweet girls!*

*Our family!*

*Love this!*
*Our Princess Cait*

*Caity & Daddy*

*Daddy & Jocee & Angel*


*Evangeline, Caitlyn's little sister*

*Jocelyn, Caitlyn's baby sister*

*Trying to cheer Caity up!*


So frustrating when your child is denied something they so badly need.

Caitlyn has been denied her needed surgeries from the places we have been referred to.  Why do that to a needy child?  Shriner's Hospital will not accept Caitlyn because her health is "too involved" and she requires more care than their facility can facilitate. Okay, that I understand. But then we were referred to another hospital, Children's Hospital and they won't accept her because she has Medicaid.    Like really?   So it has been a back and forth game.  They call with another #, and we get a phone call back with a denial and a referral somewhere else.

We have set up an Indigogo campaign for funding for her. However, 50% of whatever she receives is taxed, and then the site gets a cut for hosting.   Going to try other avenues to get Caity what she needs!  She also needs a new wheelchair & new adaptive equipment, that insurance will not pay for.   Freaking out a little, on the inside.

Lord help me. My patience isn't what it used to be. xo.



I cannot for the life of me believe it is already the middle of October.  Life goes by so fast.  This last couple of weeks has been very difficult for my family for a lot of unspoken reasons, but for any of my blog readers who don't mind including my family in your prayers, it would be greatly appreciated!  I really need to update this more and I will soon.  I have a terrible migraine tonight, so I am headed to bed.  Good night friends. xo.



My girls and I just had our birthdays.  I turned 25 on Sept. 30th, Evangeline just turned 4 on Oct. 1st and Oct 3rd Caitlyn turned 6.   My girls are officially 6, 4, 2!!!  Holy cow!   All grown up!    Love them all!! xo.

Fall Family Photos

So we did family photos today at the park. It was a nice chilly & crisp fall day! Today was supposed to be a special photo day for Caitlyn, as well as getting some family photos, but Miss Caitlyn was having a HORRIBLE time for some odd and unknown reason. We tried so hard to make her happy. Got a couple smiles here and there, but the rest of the time, she was miserable and cranky.  :(   Sad panda. 
 Can't win them all.  

The above photo is of an idea I found on Pinterest where you take balloons & pin them down using golf tees!  How brilliant we thought, however, the wind was blowing like crazy and we ended up with several popped balloons before we even got to sit down for our 1st photograph!  It was certainly a fun attempt anyways! 

Here is the first of many:

*My family! Oct. 8, 2012*

*Caitlyn, Evangeline, & Jocelyn!*

Thank you Linegar Photography for taking our photos! 
Happy Fall! xo.