Fall Family Photos

So we did family photos today at the park. It was a nice chilly & crisp fall day! Today was supposed to be a special photo day for Caitlyn, as well as getting some family photos, but Miss Caitlyn was having a HORRIBLE time for some odd and unknown reason. We tried so hard to make her happy. Got a couple smiles here and there, but the rest of the time, she was miserable and cranky.  :(   Sad panda. 
 Can't win them all.  

The above photo is of an idea I found on Pinterest where you take balloons & pin them down using golf tees!  How brilliant we thought, however, the wind was blowing like crazy and we ended up with several popped balloons before we even got to sit down for our 1st photograph!  It was certainly a fun attempt anyways! 

Here is the first of many:

*My family! Oct. 8, 2012*

*Caitlyn, Evangeline, & Jocelyn!*

Thank you Linegar Photography for taking our photos! 
Happy Fall! xo.