So frustrating when your child is denied something they so badly need.

Caitlyn has been denied her needed surgeries from the places we have been referred to.  Why do that to a needy child?  Shriner's Hospital will not accept Caitlyn because her health is "too involved" and she requires more care than their facility can facilitate. Okay, that I understand. But then we were referred to another hospital, Children's Hospital and they won't accept her because she has Medicaid.    Like really?   So it has been a back and forth game.  They call with another #, and we get a phone call back with a denial and a referral somewhere else.

We have set up an Indigogo campaign for funding for her. However, 50% of whatever she receives is taxed, and then the site gets a cut for hosting.   Going to try other avenues to get Caity what she needs!  She also needs a new wheelchair & new adaptive equipment, that insurance will not pay for.   Freaking out a little, on the inside.

Lord help me. My patience isn't what it used to be. xo.