Happy Thanksgiving 2012

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my family, my close friends & my new friends who I have met through the internet. Caity has a HUGE support system. More than I ever imagined, and lots of people have been so nice to us and have prayed for us! So blessed. I feel the love!! Esp. through Twitter. A few of my favorite people tweeted and retweeted Caity's campaign! Thank you!

Caity's very 1st Indiegogo campaign ended yesterday and raised exactly $3000.  We have another campaign launched in its place to continue raising the funds we need.  Indiegogo.com/TeamCaity  will last for 72 days & I hope this 2nd time around we can raise more money to add to Caity's account for her equipment! Soon she will get a new wheelchair! I am so excited and very grateful.  If Caity could talk, she would thank you too. :)

For updates, please view facebook.com/help4caity on the regular. Also, some really beautiful canvases are being sold and some of the proceeds go to Caity!  Visit https://www.facebook.com/TheCanvas4CaityPage  for more information.

Can't wait to eat some good food with my family. That is what Thanksgiving is all about. Family.  Glad I have an amazing one!!  I'm hosting this year and I have a huge menu planned!  Eep! And to the ones I won't be seeing today, I love you anyways and I hope each of you enjoy your Thanksgiving.

The photos here... Caity got new bangs! And she likes to hang upside down for some reason.  lol xo.