Snow Day!

TGIF!! Today is the LAST Friday of the year & the first time to snow at our house this year!  
My two youngest daughters got to play outside as it was falling. They had a great time, for a whole 10 minutes!! I loved just watching them play together. They are the sweetest sisters to each other sometimes. I really enjoy watching them together do things that I did with my siblings at their age.   Really makes me appreciate "time" more. Family time should never be taken for granted.  I love every moment with my sweeties.  Here are a few snapshots from earlier. :) 

*Jocee enjoying the snow!*

*Angel catching snowflakes on her tongue!*



*Jocee looks like she's scared, but I promise she was in the middle of saying, "Cheese!"  lol*
*Kisses for a monkey!*

*Indoor S'Mores!*

Sometimes I realize that these two get less one-on-one time with me, or less attention than Caity does.  I feel guilty, but I know its necessary sometimes to take care of Caity first.  The girls are so sweet and at this point in life, they aren't noticing the lack of attention. I hope 2013 will be better for us all as a family.  I want to do more with just the two of them than I normally do, because they are getting older.  They will be 5 & 3 in 2013.   They aren't going to be my "little girls" much longer.   :(    I just love how photogenic my girls are, so I can look back on all these little simple moments that bring us all joy!   Mommy loves you girls! xo.