Had to update baby books tonight for my little ladies, mainly because Caity lost her 2nd tooth tonight. She lost it all by herself too. Angel was peeking at Caity and yelled, "Mom! Caity's bleeding! Hurry up!" so of course, I went running as fast as I could to see what could be wrong...and low and behold, Caity had a bloody face... and was smiling as big as she possibly good be. And, I noticed, her tooth was gone. I freaked for a minute thinking, she had swallowed it, but guess what?  It was in her hand! She has no use of her hands, but she managed to pull it out...I am going to assume, it was just loose enough to be knocked out rather, by her index finger that she constantly chews on, and it got hooked under her clenched fingers, that are always clenched from her hand contractures!

Anyways, so yay! Caity has officially lost her 2 bottom front teeth.  And, her two permanent ones have already broke the surface and are growing in their places!  Never thought I would be so excited or proud about my baby losing teeth.  It's going to be this exciting for me, even when Angel & Jocee lose theirs!  Can't wait to play tooth fairy to them! :)

Anyways, I updated all of my daughter's baby books.  Why do the stupid things only go to 5 years?  Caity is 6 now, and though special and not meeting most of those fill in the blank milestones... I have had to cross out lines and write in my own headers and entries for her... like First Surgery...Second Surgery.. Third... you get the point.. and you know, she sat up for the first time at 6 years instead of 6 months.. rolled over at 2 years... etc.   I am going to have SO much to write about her that is going to go beyond what little room is left. Grr.

I found so many ultrasound photos of all my pregnancies. This one pictured here is of Caity, dated back in 2006. I was about 5 months pregnant. I wish they could have known about her disabilities when I was pregnant, to help prepare me for her, not that I would have changed anything about her arrival! GOD made her the way she is! PERFECT!  And I love her more than my own life!

You know what had me crying tonight though? Those super sweet brand new Mommy/Daddy letter-to-baby entries. Adam's to Caity was sooo sweet! Mine, because of my mentality and the unknown then, too had me just in TEARS!! Ahhh... they flowed and flowed. And I know they will come every time I read and re-read them.   When will I ever get the hang of this tough MOM thing??

         *Each of my daughters First Photos while on the scales before I got to meet them!*

I love reminiscing.  Reminds me of my struggles with this whole parenting thing, and learning how to take care of a special handicapped child.  I have learned soo much. I have loved so much too. I have came a long way in my 6 years of motherhood. More than I ever expected when I first got pregnant. Trust me!

Looking in all 3 of their books I found some cute photo reminders that I wanted to share on here.
I realize these aren't significant to anybody but me, but man...do they pull some heart strings. I look like poo in each of these, as expected after 3 natural childbirths, but what each of these mean to me is more beautiful than how I look. I of all people... somebody who once SWORE I would never have children or get married... did the world a favor & created LIFE!!!  Each of my girls are such a HUGE part of me, and the start of their lives... their birth days... were so meaningful, that I didn't realize how much of an impact on my life they would each have on me.  And they are still YOUNG. Heck at 25, I am still young too. I am constantly learning and I am still mesmerized by each of them!  I can't imagine how much more they will teach me over the years.  I cannot wait.

Funny how I hated being a kid. I hated is so much.  I wanted to grow up and be an adult so fast.  I was always more mature than all of my friends and siblings. MotherHen.  And now look at me... Now that I have my own children, I want to savor EVERYTHING about it. Re-live those things I hated, those things I loved & the things I took for granted, for them and with them.   Life is so beautiful when you can see it through a different perspective. I honestly love adulthood. I belong. I love who I am now. I am in a happy place, one that I created for myself! Guess I just had to wait a few years before it HIT ME.  I am so grateful for this life I live. I live it for my family! MY FAMILY.   Gosh, that sounds so foreign coming out of my mouth, but I love them. Motherhood is so gosh darn..darling!  Moms.. agree??  

*Meeting all of my daughters for the first time, ever, and thanking GOD and Adam as I did!*

*Caity got a baby sister on her 2nd birthday!  Happy Birthday Evangeline & Caitlyn!*

*One of my favorite photos of Caity ever!*

*Jocee's 1st Haircut, yes saved in a baggie! I did this for all my girls!*

But anyways, I'll stop there so I don't post a whole bunch of stuff that NOBODY cares to read about. This is for me anyway. I know I will re-read this later.

To my babies: (who clearly can't read! lol)
I LOVE each of you, more than you will ever know.
I would have died for you, the moment each of you were placed in my arms!  Xo!


Friday Night Happenings

My daughter's love these little ponies and encouraged me to photograph them, so I did. 

Angel being sweet. 

Jocee, when getting ready for bed, came to show me that she brushed her teeth,
 but clearly forgot to wash her face! :) 

My husband doing what he does best... gaming, and clearly not impressed with me taking his picture!
 Sorry honey! ;)  

Caity has been grinning like this all day! 

I am a coffee junkie, in case you didn't know! :)  Trying some new coffee out until I find my favorite!
Loving my new Mr. Coffee coffee pot! 

Mmm Coffee-Mate! I love the Belgian Chocolate Truffle, Creme Brulee & the Warm Cinnamon Sugar Cookie (Holiday one)!  

So yeah, early bedtime for kids, and I am just sippin some coffee, listening to some relaxing music, & learning photoshop CS6, which is pretty complicated if I do say so!!  Fun fun. 



It's always nice to have a positive reminder to get you through the day! 
Found this on Pinterest. 

Be blessed, be lucky, be grateful. Have a great weekend! 


Is it Time to Eat Yet?

So cooking dinner is my favorite time of the day. I start at about 4:45 every day and usually have it done between 5-5:30 pm when my husband comes home from work.  I love cooking. It's another hobby of mine.  I've been cooking since I was really little and I have been told I'm pretty good at it.

Tonight, I fixed stove top potato soup, salads, and garlic bread. (I usually fix potato soup in the crockpot!) Nothing fancy, but definitely filling.  The photos will speak for themselves on how to make it.  Every single time I fix potato soup for dinner, it is different.  I do not follow an exact recipe.  I have tried many, and have several listed in my many cookbooks, but I just have a habit of throwing stuff together and whatever the outcome is, is what we eat. Kinda silly huh?  Well, that's how I have learned what works... Practice until you get it just right.  And tonight, it was JUST right. :) So, here are some photos to share! 

*Started with some BIG, fat free & cholesterol free potatoes. *

*Peeled and rinsed 4 of them.*

*Chopped them & tossed them in my pot.*

*Took out some large eggs to hard boil for my salad!*

*Only boiled 4 eggs. Boil on Medium heat for 15 mins! Add to salad when cooled!*

*Measured out 3 cups of whole milk*

*I use Original Country Crock, about 4 tablespoons worth.*

*Grabbed a yellow onion*

*Chopped only this much of it.*

*Tossed the onions in the pot of potatoes along with 1c of  hot tap water. *

*Added milk, butter, & seasonings & left it on medium heat, to cook uncovered for 20 minutes!*

*Seasonings I used: Minced Garlic, Basil, Coarse Ground Black Pepper, and regular table salt. Did not measure, just added what I thought was enough. :)*

*Garlic Salt for Garlic Toast*

*I use Marketside Organic Baby Spinach*

*Baby spinach is so sweet & yummy!*

*Put Spinach in two bowls (one for me & hubby), and then chopped half of a cucumber in slices.*

*Quartered the cucumber slices & added them to each salad.*

*Man, I love the color green... :)*

*Chopped more onion, only this much for salads.*

*The took some Foxy Green Leaf Lettuce to add to salads also.*

*Only used a small piece.*

*Rolled it horizontally & chopped it.*

*Added lettuce to salads. Pretty green, huh?*

*Next, got a carrot out!*

*Peeled some carrot slices onto our salads. Yay for more color!*

*Added some Sun dried Tomatos & Zesty Peppers Julienne Cut to both salads.*

*Looking yummy already! So healthy too, which is a BONUS!*

*Hormel Real Bacon Bits were then added.*

*Chopped a regular tomato.*

*Added some Mild Cheddar Cheese.*

*Doesn't this look good?  Trust me, it was!!*

*Took some french bread out for some Garlic Toast.*

*Sliced the bread into thick chunks!*

*Used Country Crock to butter each piece, generously!!*

*Then sprinkled Garlic Salt on top of each & tossed in oven for 5 minutes at 350 degrees.*

*Check on soup! Looking good! 
When potatoes are soft & liquid has boiled down some, then you are ready to eat!*

*Eggs boiling done boiling! Now to rinse in cold water, peel & slice for salads!*

*Chopped a couple of strawberries for my daughter's salads, 
because they dislike onions & peppers in theirs.*

*Daughter's dinner, strawberry salad with croutons, sliced apples, garlic toast & small bowl of potato soup!*

*Everybody likes a different dressing!*

*Wish Bone Superfruit Berry Vinaigrette is so good!*

*Kraft Creamy Poppyseed is my favorite!*

*Anybody rememeber the "Do a Dollop of Daisy" commercials? 
I totally sang their tune as I was putting some sour cream on my soup!* 

If not, click here! If so, click here anyways.. Reminisce!

*My Potato Soup!! I topped mine with shredded cheddar cheese, 
some bacon bits, and a dollop of Daisy.*

*The Original Texas Toast Chili Lime Tortilla Strips &
 Seasoned Croutons are our favorite salad toppers!*

*Here is my yummy salad topped with Chili Lime Tortilla Strips!*

*Easy and yummy! Done in 25 minutes!* 

*Oh! And I got some egg on my salad to make it perfect!*

*Can't get enough. So filling! Already craving leftovers...*

I'm no chef and have no qualifications in cooking anything. I just shared this for fun. This is what I fed my family. We actually eat this meal about once a month because it's so good. If you try this, let me know! It's hearty & doesn't disappoint.  Also, in the last photo posted, it doesn't look "soupy"...looks more like a chowder, but I promise it's just because I hogged a lot of potato chunks into my bowl over the soupy part. :)    Enjoy. xo.