BZZ: Neutrogena Norwegian Forumla Hand Cream

Hey guys! Joined another BzzCampaign last month. Got my box finally and I wanted to share with you what whats in my Bzzkit!  I joined the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream BzzCampaign, and I love it so much!

Again, if you aren't familiar with BzzAgent, then please visit their website for all the details. Free to join.

*BzzKit Opening!*

FTC Disclaimer: The contents of this BzzKit were sent to me complimentary for testing purposes, in exchange for my honest opinions, from BzzAgent.com.  #ImABuzzAgent #IGotItFree

BzzReport: I received 6 samples & 1 full-sized (2oz-Retails for $4.99) Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream lotions! I applied it right out of the box, and thought it was amazing.  This stuff felt great on the back of my hand!! So smooth & silky!!

I also did my nails tonight and included my new hand cream in my routine!  Now, before going any further, I must let everybody know that I do not have pretty hands. I was a nail biter for most of my life, until August of 2011!  Worst habit, EVER! It is an on-going struggle for me to grow my nails out & they break off all of the time, despite my healthy diet & vitamins. Unfortunately, I do keep them shorter than I'd like. On the positive side, no more biting though! Yay!  :)   Anyways, onto the good stuff! Here are some snapshots & a quick DIY Nail Tutorial!

*Nail time!*

*Gather supplies! Polishes, Remover, Buffer, File, Separators...etc.*

*First, you have to remove all your old nail polish, and start with dry nails!*

*Then take a buffer, if you need to, and buff away the old, stained, cracked, dry..etc.. surface of your nail, and also file your nails to their desired shape.*

*Trim cuticles after you buff as well!*

*Washing nails after buffing will help rinse away dead skin & nail particles so you can apply perfectly smooth polish! Be sure to dry hands & nails thoroughly.*

*Next apply Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Glycerin Lotion on cuticles and nail beds, let it set a few seconds (or minutes if you'd like) & massage it in. Do not rinse.*

*After massaging cream into nails, make sure they are once again, fully dry before applying polish.*

*I start with a basecoat to protect my nail. I used Sally Hansen Maximum Daily Growth Nourishing Color in Sheer Pink.*

*Looking better already!*

*Next, apply your favorite shade! I used my favorite red nail polish by Finger Paints in Brilliant Brushstroke (sold at Sally Beauty Supply)  Sorry, I'm a sloppy polisher. :)*

*Accent nails are fun! I painted an off-center heart on my thumbnail, in Key to My Art, by Finger Paints (sold at Sally Beauty Supply)*

*Love this hand cream!!*

*Lastly top off your nails with a top coat to seal in your nail color with a beautiful shine! I use Sally Hansen Maxium Growth Daily Nail Growth Program, clear top coat.*

*Ended up adding some red glitter polish in Rockin Rubies by Wet n Wild Color Icon to my ring finger (marital status nail) as an accent and another gold heart on my thumb nail also.*

*And.. Voila!! Finished nails, after edges were cleaned up with polish remover & a cotton swab & hand cream was applied to both hands after nails were dried!!*

I knew nothing of this product before I #GotItFree, but now that I have tried it, I rate this product with 5 stars! And this is only day 2!! After doing dishes today & folding laundry, showering, scrubbing a shower, etc.. this product continued, even through washes, to keep my hands smooth, and soft. It is now 2:24am and I haven't applied this lotion for several hours, and my skin still feels as though I just put it on.

Most importantly, my cuticles don't look dry & aren't peeling!! I am grateful for that.   This lotion doesn't have a foul smell. In fact, it says fragrance free, but has a really light, and very pleasant scent. It's not like regular lotion, because it is clear, in glycerin form, and feels like silk when applied. A little goes a long way too. I have a feeling this lotion will replace everything else I own, lotion-wise!!  Can't wait to see through continued use, how much more it will improve my skin, nails, and overall appearance of my hands!  Thanks BzzAgent!

If you want a free sample, let me know. I'll share! :) xo.