Friday Night Happenings

My daughter's love these little ponies and encouraged me to photograph them, so I did. 

Angel being sweet. 

Jocee, when getting ready for bed, came to show me that she brushed her teeth,
 but clearly forgot to wash her face! :) 

My husband doing what he does best... gaming, and clearly not impressed with me taking his picture!
 Sorry honey! ;)  

Caity has been grinning like this all day! 

I am a coffee junkie, in case you didn't know! :)  Trying some new coffee out until I find my favorite!
Loving my new Mr. Coffee coffee pot! 

Mmm Coffee-Mate! I love the Belgian Chocolate Truffle, Creme Brulee & the Warm Cinnamon Sugar Cookie (Holiday one)!  

So yeah, early bedtime for kids, and I am just sippin some coffee, listening to some relaxing music, & learning photoshop CS6, which is pretty complicated if I do say so!!  Fun fun.