Little Girls, Little Chores

Alright, I'm guilty of it. I make my kids do chores. Don't fret! No child labor here! They aren't big chores, just ones I personally think are necessary for them to learn/earn their keep. They get rewarded if they do their small tasks and they just have to put away all of their toys, make sure their bed is made, and then the following:

*Putting away their toys!*
*Evangeline has to mop her bathroom, & she even moves the rugs!!* 

*She always does a great job at putting the rugs back!*

*All done, turning the light out!*

*Mopping the kitchen too! (This one she does on her own.)*

*Tell Jocee to do her chore & she says, "Hold on, I have my flasslight to find my Dora dress!"*

*Jocee had to get in her Dora dress to do her chore!  Silly girl. lol*

*Jocee's chore is simple, put the silverware from the dishwasher in the silverware drawer! (Big sissy helping!)*

*Closing the dishwasher!*

That is really it. :)

*We get some snuggles in everyday. I make time for each of my girls individually daily. Sometimes its playtime, learning time, bathtime, sometimes its naptime, folding laundry, fixing dinner, or a movie. Depends on the girl, & what they want to do. Angel is a great snugglebug!*

*After chores, the girls nap!*

*I love the different places they pass out!*

*The girl's fave thing to do after chores/during down time is to get on Youtube and watch videos!*

Life is good. GOD is great. Just have to remember to enjoy the life you live & count your blessings & love those in your lives.  And I do... so much. I hope my daughters learn a lot from me with my approach to parenting full-time & with nothing but love!!  Love you girls. xo.