My Caity, My Everything.

**For those wondering how Caity is doing, she is doing as good as she can, which right now, we think is pretty good. She is happy most of the time. Her seizures are the same, her health status overall is the same. We will keep everybody updated when surgeries happen, etc.  We thank you for the support!! :) **

Oh Caitlyn. My special baby. I love you soo much.
I cannot express this enough. She is so special. Not just because she is special needs, or because she is my first child, but because she has so many special characteristics and personality traits about her that are special to me.  Everything about her that is unique to her, is beautiful. She is the single-most wonderful sweetheart I have ever known, apart from my Grandma Vivian.  (She is the another love of my life!) Here are some recent snaps of my favorite things about Caity, that are special to me, her mother.   Not everybody will appreciate these things, and that is okay. This is just me blogging about my appreciation for my baby girl.   I just wanted to share them, as I was feeling very grateful & joyful today!!  Loving a child, esp. one you will never be certain can express it back... really has been a gift, rather than a burden!
Anyways... today, I am loving....

*Caity's sad face. No need to explain.*

*Caity has a new, grown-up sob when she is sad. Makes me cry with her.*

*Caity's "what are you doing?" face.*

*Caity's feet are the ones only a mother could love... and I do!*

*Caity's special feet are so tiny, and very soft.*

*Caity's left foot, top view. Very tiny, fragile feet.*

*Caity needs a pedicure, but she has cute little hammer toes that I love!*

*Caity has hand-contractures in both hands which make it to where she is required to wear splints on both hands, and she has done so since birth. She cannot open her hands or use them.*

*Contractures are painful for her, she hates being in her splints most of the time. She has 2 fingers that are not contracted on her right hand, her two middle fingers.*

*Caity has had a hairy back since birth. At first it bothered me, but now I don't mind it. I know GOD put it there for a reason!!*

*Caity does not close her mouth. It is always open, therefore, Caity drools an awful lot, and her Daddy & sisters don't much care for kissing a drooly-face, but I don't mind.*

*Caity has special ears. Both of her ears are low-set at her jawline & rotated backwards, and are different. One ear is smaller than the other.  Here is her left ear.*

*Caity has poor head control & cannot fully sit unassisted on her own for more than a few seconds. She always falls over, or leans, as photographed above.*

*My sweety has the most lush hair ever. It's thick, shiny, & beautiful. It grows so fast probably due to her diet of medications & Nutren Jr. formula! Caity gets a haircut every single month!*

*Caity has 3 central incisors in her baby teeth, up top. One just happened to grow as an extra in between her two front teeth.  Xrays show her permanent teeth will grow in normal without the extra tooth. When Caity bites, it hurts extra bad!! lol*  

*Caity loves watching tv just like anybody else. Anything noisy and stimulating like music, or Spongebob gets her attention!* 

Also, though Caity is special, her little sisters do not notice that much. They include Caity in their games, their activities, their silly songs & stories.  Caity doesn't talk, or interact, but she smiles & that is enough for all of us. I think it helps that even though she is 6, and her sisters are 4, and 2, there isn't much size difference. She is no bigger than her little sisters. In fact, it's quite perfect for us right now. <3

*Do Everything With Love-1 Corinthians 16:14*

Anyways, that's my Caitybug post for the day. She is so sweet. Always smiling for the most part. Always drooling. Always looking at me with these sad and sweet eyes. I just can't get enough of her. I am so grateful for her. She is more than a dream come true for me. I asked GOD for her 7 years ago, and now look!   My life is beautiful because of Caity. Hope you too, can find "special" little things about the ones you love, whether they are special needs or not. I encourage you to share!!  Sharing these pictures with you makes me want to go and cuddle her some more right now. Have a good night. xo.