Is it Time to Eat Yet?

So cooking dinner is my favorite time of the day. I start at about 4:45 every day and usually have it done between 5-5:30 pm when my husband comes home from work.  I love cooking. It's another hobby of mine.  I've been cooking since I was really little and I have been told I'm pretty good at it.

Tonight, I fixed stove top potato soup, salads, and garlic bread. (I usually fix potato soup in the crockpot!) Nothing fancy, but definitely filling.  The photos will speak for themselves on how to make it.  Every single time I fix potato soup for dinner, it is different.  I do not follow an exact recipe.  I have tried many, and have several listed in my many cookbooks, but I just have a habit of throwing stuff together and whatever the outcome is, is what we eat. Kinda silly huh?  Well, that's how I have learned what works... Practice until you get it just right.  And tonight, it was JUST right. :) So, here are some photos to share! 

*Started with some BIG, fat free & cholesterol free potatoes. *

*Peeled and rinsed 4 of them.*

*Chopped them & tossed them in my pot.*

*Took out some large eggs to hard boil for my salad!*

*Only boiled 4 eggs. Boil on Medium heat for 15 mins! Add to salad when cooled!*

*Measured out 3 cups of whole milk*

*I use Original Country Crock, about 4 tablespoons worth.*

*Grabbed a yellow onion*

*Chopped only this much of it.*

*Tossed the onions in the pot of potatoes along with 1c of  hot tap water. *

*Added milk, butter, & seasonings & left it on medium heat, to cook uncovered for 20 minutes!*

*Seasonings I used: Minced Garlic, Basil, Coarse Ground Black Pepper, and regular table salt. Did not measure, just added what I thought was enough. :)*

*Garlic Salt for Garlic Toast*

*I use Marketside Organic Baby Spinach*

*Baby spinach is so sweet & yummy!*

*Put Spinach in two bowls (one for me & hubby), and then chopped half of a cucumber in slices.*

*Quartered the cucumber slices & added them to each salad.*

*Man, I love the color green... :)*

*Chopped more onion, only this much for salads.*

*The took some Foxy Green Leaf Lettuce to add to salads also.*

*Only used a small piece.*

*Rolled it horizontally & chopped it.*

*Added lettuce to salads. Pretty green, huh?*

*Next, got a carrot out!*

*Peeled some carrot slices onto our salads. Yay for more color!*

*Added some Sun dried Tomatos & Zesty Peppers Julienne Cut to both salads.*

*Looking yummy already! So healthy too, which is a BONUS!*

*Hormel Real Bacon Bits were then added.*

*Chopped a regular tomato.*

*Added some Mild Cheddar Cheese.*

*Doesn't this look good?  Trust me, it was!!*

*Took some french bread out for some Garlic Toast.*

*Sliced the bread into thick chunks!*

*Used Country Crock to butter each piece, generously!!*

*Then sprinkled Garlic Salt on top of each & tossed in oven for 5 minutes at 350 degrees.*

*Check on soup! Looking good! 
When potatoes are soft & liquid has boiled down some, then you are ready to eat!*

*Eggs boiling done boiling! Now to rinse in cold water, peel & slice for salads!*

*Chopped a couple of strawberries for my daughter's salads, 
because they dislike onions & peppers in theirs.*

*Daughter's dinner, strawberry salad with croutons, sliced apples, garlic toast & small bowl of potato soup!*

*Everybody likes a different dressing!*

*Wish Bone Superfruit Berry Vinaigrette is so good!*

*Kraft Creamy Poppyseed is my favorite!*

*Anybody rememeber the "Do a Dollop of Daisy" commercials? 
I totally sang their tune as I was putting some sour cream on my soup!* 

If not, click here! If so, click here anyways.. Reminisce!

*My Potato Soup!! I topped mine with shredded cheddar cheese, 
some bacon bits, and a dollop of Daisy.*

*The Original Texas Toast Chili Lime Tortilla Strips &
 Seasoned Croutons are our favorite salad toppers!*

*Here is my yummy salad topped with Chili Lime Tortilla Strips!*

*Easy and yummy! Done in 25 minutes!* 

*Oh! And I got some egg on my salad to make it perfect!*

*Can't get enough. So filling! Already craving leftovers...*

I'm no chef and have no qualifications in cooking anything. I just shared this for fun. This is what I fed my family. We actually eat this meal about once a month because it's so good. If you try this, let me know! It's hearty & doesn't disappoint.  Also, in the last photo posted, it doesn't look "soupy"...looks more like a chowder, but I promise it's just because I hogged a lot of potato chunks into my bowl over the soupy part. :)    Enjoy. xo.