Coffee by Treelight

So tonight, I stayed up late folding several loads of laundry that I had been neglecting over the weekend, and finally as I was finding myself down to the last bit, my sweet husband brought me some Starbucks. (He knows this gets him brownie points!) It was like I was getting rewarded for getting that mundane task done! :))  Thanks honey! 

 I had on my favorite long knee-socks, and sat on the floor near my Christmas tree, and sipped away with no lights on other than those on our tree!  The ambience is so relaxing! The only thing in the world better than coffee, was witnessing my family interact with each other from across the room. Not saying anything, just watching. Taking it in. I have always known this, bc am extremely partial, but I realized tonight that I do have a BEAUTIFUL family.  
Sometimes I forget my importance in each of their lives, and when you take a step back, sometimes you catch a glimpse for a split second, of the fruits of your labor. All the love and time I put into my family, just bouncing and radiating off of each of my family members, made me so proud. I know that I have done a great job with my girls. Their manners, their optimism, their silly quirks, and the way they express themselves, etc.. I know they learned most if it from me! 

With Caity, it is obvious on a daily basis, that I am important to her. I mean, I am the only person who takes care of her and knows every single thing about her and her health history, medications, schedules, routines, etc.. 
 Today, it became really evident when I randomly asked Angel, "What would you do without me?" Her reply to me was, "I would feed Caity for you."  Awwww!! <3 Trust me, there were happy tears after that. What a selfless thing to say! My 5 year old is always thinking about other people. This makes me so proud. 

Also tonight my brainiac of a child, was trying to teach me how to make hand-hearts. (I pretended not to have a clue, so she could get credit for teaching me something..) Gosh, she's so cute. "First you make a C shape, then you put your thumb down. No mom. You're doing it wrong. Do it like this." *shows me her hands* "Now try to make one with me! Like this!" -Angel

This is our hand heart we made together. 
"Not bad, could be better."-Angel :))
She makes me laugh. She must get that part of her from her daddy though. ;)

Jocee is my youngest, and she is my favorite 3 year old in the world. She is extremely shy around strangers, and her daddy. He's one of her favorite people, but if Adam makes eye contact with her, she freezes up, makes funny faces, and does not reciprocate with the eye contact.  She always puts her head down, or looks at me, the moment Adam catches her eyes. It's fun to watch, but sometimes, makes me worry about her. She says she loves her daddy and tells me everyday when he goes to work that she misses him. I often wonder if she acts shy to just get his attention?  At 3, that is possible, right?  She and Adam pick on each other a lot. She is definitely a mommy's girl 99% of the time, but on occasion, you'll catch her doing something sweet with her daddy. 

Tonight, Jocee was playing with a toilet paper roll. She loves these things. Always playing with them or the ones left over from paper towels. She colors them and makes them into "noculars". So cute.  Anyways, Adam snuck up behind her, and told her he loved her, and her reply was, "Wuv you too Daddy!" and then she tilt her head up to let him kiss her.  Melt my heart! 

It really is the little things. Thanks for letting me share my reminders.
 It's easy to get caught up in life and stressors, but taking a step back once in a while is good for the soul. 

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. For those celebrating, Merry Christmas.