Dramallama Pt2 | JUST FOR YOU ;)

I have had a visitor tracker on each of my blogs since I started blogging in 2006.  This blog was the only one that I created using my REAL name instead of under an alias. Recently, somebody emailed me trying to use a static IP address and a program that hides your email address to send anonymous emails..  that suggested that they were visiting my blog from Austria.  I have never had a visitor from Austria. In fact, all of my most recent blog visits have been from my own home state! 
What do you know!?

Without giving too much attention to this coward and their ridiculously funny email, here is my husband's public message in response to said email, in case they missed it on FB:

That being said, if there are any follow-up emails, they will be ignored. 

And to my subscribers I just want to say, I read all of your blog comments. I am sorry I stopped publishing them and replying to them. I am so busy. I really haven't had the time to give my blog the facelift it needs and put real work into updating all the awesome things that have been goin on lately, but next year, I'll do better!!  Thanks for being loyal. :))