BzzReport: Littlest Pet Shop

Hey guys! BzzAgent Andrea here with a new BzzReport for you all! I joined a fantastic BzzCampaign recently that was a campaign directed at my children!! The Littlest Pet Shop campaign!  This campaign invite came at a perfect time because 2 of my daughters have October birthdays and this arrived just in time to be gifted to them!   

To those who aren't familiar with Littlest Pet Shop, it's an animated comedy that follows a cute fashion friendly teen girl named Blythe Baxter who moves into a big city apartment that just so happens to be above a day camp for pets called The Littlest Pet Shop.  This shop houses all kinds that can sing, dance and even speak to Blythe.  Blythe ends up selling her fashions in TLP!  

Check out 
For more information!

The following items were sent to me for review purposes in exchange for my honest opinion! 

Included in this BzzKit was:
The Littlest Pet Shop Passport to Fashion DVD Retails for $12.99
The Littlest Pet Shop Style Set  Retails for $39.99
The Littlest Pet Shop Say Ahh to the Spa Style Set Retails for $14.97
The Littlest Pet Shop Pet Pawsabilities Sugar Sprinkles & Ripley Davis Retails for $ 5.99
4x Buy One Get One Free Pet Pawsabilities Coupons

My 6 year old received all of these on her birthday! And she was so excited!

We used these coupons to purchase additional Pet Pawsabilities Pets!

To get started, you open your kits and read the instructions which are very easy and show step-by-step pictures. No tools needed which is great! 
The whole family got involve in putting the style set together.  The first step, setting up the style set was complicated for us.

We discovered after both my husband and father-in-law attempted to no avail, that we got a duplicate wall as shown in figure 1. We got 2 of the left side (the circle side) so there was no physical way to put the right side together properly.   This caused frustration and sadness for everybody.   We did call Hasbro however and they are sending us replacement pieces free of charge!!   Until we receive the replacement pieces, we decided to improvise and just "lean" it into its position with the roof top being an anchor!  :) 

We didn't let that stop us from putting things together and having a great time while doing it! 

 My 6 year old Evangeline enjoyed checking all the boxes to the ones she had collected! Look at her pile of pets and friends! 

My 4 year old Jocelyn favors Blythe and had so much fun playing with her.

Each Littlest Pet shop set comes with tons of tiny parts known as Deco Bits that attatch to all pets, the walls, etc and they make things cute! The sets come with stickers to decorate with also. 

Here are some cute shots of my daughter's set current set up! 

My daughters ACCIDENTALLY placed the Littlest Pet Shop sticker on the sign upside down.  I think it gives their play set some character! :)

Pet: Vinnie Terrio  
(My daughter informs me he's the best dancer on the show!)

Blythe from the Trendy Set style (used coupon for this one) and Pet: Kitery Banter

Pets: Pancake Watkins (the bunny) and Zoe Trent (cucumber face) chilling in the spa set! 

Pet: Sugar Sprinkles

Pet: Fawna Woodbury (in front of door)

Check out Pet: Minka Mark hanging around.. haha!

Pets Shown: Ripley Davis, Kip Cantu, Sunil Nevla, & Pepper Clark. 

Pets: Ripley Davis (Pink kitty), Sunil Nevla (blue squirrel) & Pepper Clark (skunk) & Kip Cantu (green pet lying)


Pets: Dawn Harris (on counter) & Heidi Petite (in Bylthe's basket from The Blythe Style Preppy Set)

Pets Shown: Penny Ling (Purple Panda), Kittery Banter,  Pancakes Watkins, Sugar Sprinkles, Zoe Trent & Blythe from the Style Trendy set in the background. 

Okay now that I have shared a ton of photos, I have to say.. I highly recommend to parents with young daughters, that you go out there and get these sets for your girls! These are so much fun. We spent HOURS on setting these up the other day, just to tear them down and redo them every day ever since we got them. And using the buy one get one coupons for new pet friends helped this become a new amazing fascination for my girls.  Only cons.. lots of pieces.. I'm talking hundreds, & it can become pretty time consuming. You will lose track of time!  Oh.. and sometimes you may get wrong pieces, but that doesn't stop the fun!!  Pros... Completely customizable, & hours of fun for all! 

Thanks for checking out my review. Thank you BzzAgent.com for sending these for my family to enjoy!!  




I am a huge Vita Chambers fan and I'd really like to share this amazing song with all my readers! 


Influenster Vow VoxBox

You know what I love? Getting a new VoxBox in the mail! Makes me go EEP! and skip to the door to open it!  I got a new voxbox in the mail and it couldn't have came at a better time because tomorrow is my little sister Jennifer's wedding!! I am so pleased and excited about this month's voxbox! For starters, it's theme is Wedding! And the box is almost a Tiffany blue. #somethingblue

Please NOTE: All of the following products were sent to me for FREE courtesy of Influenster for testing and review purposes! 


For starters, the first thing that caught my eye was this beautiful blue nail polish! It is Sally Hansen Complete Nail Salon Manicure and it retails for $7.99. The color is called Barracuda.   I tried this right away as you can see on my nails, and the great thing about this polish is that it has 7 benefits in this one bottle:  (Base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, salon-inspired color, top coat, chip-resistance, and a gel finish all in one!) This product comes in 56 shades! 

The thing I loved the most was this amazing brush. It's nice and flat and covers most of the nail in one sweep. It allows more polish to touch the nail bed at a time. 

 #360 Barracuda  Love this name. :)

 Included was a card that contained a 50% coupon code for Riley & Grey Wedding website services. #DoYou
I visited the Riley & Grey website and it's a really cute site. For more information, please visit: Riley & Grey

Pure Silk Rich & Luxurious Raspberry Mist Shave Cream Retails for $2.19
This shaving cream has aloe and extra moisturizers in it, and it leaves your body feeling extra silky smooth! Comes in 7 different varieties. #PureSilk

EcoTools Pure Complexion Sponge retails for $5.99
I have never used a complexion sponge before, but am excited to try this one. The idea is that by using this 100% natural ingredient sponge made from Konjac vegetable fiber, that your skin will help remove makeup, dirt and oil to help your skin look smooth and refreshed. #ecotools

For more steps to create your complete wedding look from hair to toe, visit: 


I was very impressed with the material and size of this facial sponge. The box says sponge is good for 1-3 months. 

Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream retails for $30.99 (Woah! Thanks Influenster)  This is a facial moisturizer that fades dark spots in 8 weeks! This product contains a Brightening Complex that delivers tone ingredients 10 layers deep into the skin's surface which reveals pearlescent skin that glows!  This product brightens, exfoliates and tones. #BestBeautiful 

I love that the box gives a very helpful Regenerist Regimen Guide for people who are serious about their skin care and use the Regenerist line.  Here is the order you should use your products: 

 I found this product to be very light. Felt lightweight on my skin, and had a pleasant fragrance.   I have suffered from melasma on the face for years and I have some old acne and blemish scars that I'd love to have lightened. I cannot wait to see my skin in 8 weeks! 

And lastly.. 
I got a Tide to Go Pen which retails for $7.99 for a 3 pack
Basically it's a pen that removes stains on the go! #TidetoGo 

I know for a fact these things work. I have used them for years! My children even know how to use them. See: 

Pudding Stain and my daughter cleaning it up! 

No more stain!  Pretty good for a 5 year old. ;) 

 My sister's wedding is tomorrow and I know my manicure and legs for sure will be smooth and flawless, and if I get a stain anywhere, I know I'm covered too. :) 
And that sums up my thoughts on the June #VowVoxBox. I give this box 10/10. This box was great. These were all products I haven't received from Influenster in the past. Loved them all. 
Thank you Influenster for letting me try these out!