Back Problems

So, I have had to pleasure of sitting on my ass basically for the last week and a half. I am really miserable, but I did bring it on myself. Let me explain.

You see, on Tuesday last week, I was lifting my daughter Caitlyn, out of her wheelchair and putting her into her bed. While at approximately a 90 degree angle, (bent over with Caity in my arms) the small of my back all of a sudden had this sharp stabbing pain in it and I simply let out a scream followed by lots of tears and pain down the backs of both of my legs. I put Caity down and then I fell down onto the floor and lied there. I couldn't move. I had to crawl to my bedroom which thankfully is across the hall. The worst of it was climbing into my bed. Once I managed to get there, I stayed there.

I cried for a few hours. Then my husband came home from work, and saw me in pain and insisted on taking me to the emergency room.  So, we got a sitter for the girls, and left. We sat in the ER for 4 hours before being seen. It was the longest wait ever. I thought I was going to die. I was even put in "acute" care so I could be seen even faster than normal, but still had to wait that long.  o.0

When we got back, my vitals were done and I had really high blood pressure and the pain was so bad that right away they gave me a shot of Dilaudid-HP in my right shoulder for pain and after about 10 minutes it made me extremely nauseous, and I started dry heaving and I couldn't breath. I passed out and my husband said my I stopped breathing and several people came in to wake me up and get me breathing again. I also became numb in my lower extremities and so I was given another shot and was taken back for an MRI of my back. I have very little recollection of this MRI, other than some nurse asking me if I liked country music and putting headphones over my ears and making me lay on a bed that moved into the MRI machine. I passed out immediately and was awoken an hour later to a nurse trying to wake me to dress me.

The impression said fractured disc, severe distal lumbar disc degeneration and protrusion at L5-S1 with impingement. At L4-L5 there is an annular tear with low grade spondylitisthesis.

We ended up being released from the hospital at about 2:30am  and I have a follow up appointment at the surgery center on the 24th. I have to be there at 7am and I am nervous. I was told back surgery might be an option but I could end up permanently paralyzed if that happens.  Might have to just deal with pain management through shots.

My daughter Caity just went through back surgery and the last thing I ever thought could happen to me is having back surgery myself.

I am worried.

Been over a week and my pain has lessened from about a 10 on the pain scale to about a 6 consistently.  I am able to stand up now and walk, but I sort of resemble a penguin doing so.   :((