Deja Brew

Ever have those days where you wake up and think to yourself--"I am about to write several blogs/reviews that I have been neglecting to do." (Or insert anything else such as laundry folding, spring cleaning, yard work..etc) But then.. those things STILL wind up being procrastinated?  Yeahhh. Been that kind of day, EVERYDAY this week. Just been lacking motivation for anything to do with social networking lately. Been lacking motivation for ANYTHING that requires moving period for the last week and a half. Since I hurt my back. Anyways TGIF. (FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY.)--You just sang that... didn't you? :P  I have had so much coffee today, and I am wide awake and finally really ready to tackle my blog and/or do some much needed photo editing. Will it get done though? Hah! Who knows? Guess it remains to be seen I suppose. Here is a start!I just typed up this blog that had ZERO purpose. Why am I rambling? So grateful for Fridays, Family, and Coffee. Did I mention coffee??  Cannot live without it!  I feel like I have said these things before. Oh, wait! I have! woahhh! I am typing my exact thoughts right now! Squirrel! (jk) Too much coffee?  Naaa! xo.