BzzReport: Tone Petal Soft Body Wash

This month I participated in a BzzCampaign for the new Tone Petal Soft Body Wash in Pink Peony and Rose Oil. This product was sent to me for free courtesy of BzzAgent for testing purposes. #gotitfree

At first, I didn't think I would become a fan of this body wash, but after giving this a couple proper uses, I have decided that I really do like this body wash.  Tone Petal Soft wash smells of fresh peonies, but I personally found the fragrance to be quite pleasant. I know lots of people aren't crazy about floral smells, but I promise it wasn't too intoxicating at all.  I used this body wash with a loofah to maximize the suds, but on its own it has a really nice thick lather to it and washes away very easily with no oily residue. Perfect to shave legs with! In fact, I like it more for shaving than I do bathing! It is probably because it has rose oil and Vitamin E in it to moisturize skin. My legs definitely feel more hydrated and smoother.  (Goodbye Winter and Hello Spring!) When my daughters ran out of their hand soap in their bathroom, they decided to pour some of this into their soap dispenser and they love it because their hands smell really good afterwards, and felt very soft. Win-Win!   I do plan to repurchase this product in the future. 

This product retails for $3.50 at Wal-Mart stores and for $5.99 at Drugstore.com 
I have a few $1.50 off coupons to share if anybody is interested! 

Thanks BzzAgent for letting me try another new product.