Influenster UniVoxBox

I love when I get an Influenster Voxbox!

This time I am sharing my thoughts on the #UniVoxbox! 
This is a special voxbox that was only was sent to qualified college and university influensters!  

This voxbox was sent to me for free, courtesy of Influenster for testing purposes. 
I did not purchase any of these products! 

The Univoxbox included the following:

imPRESS Press-On Nails
Retail for $5.97

I received a new style of imPRESS press-on manicure. I am so used to expecting to receive a set of these with every voxbox I get, because this brand is often included.  I don't mind. It's a way to try new designs, that is for sure. This time I got the design in Lovestruck.   I loved the design. Cute and floral.  As per usual, these are stick on false nails, that are pressed onto clean nails. They do not last up to a week like the packaging suggests, but they are fun to wear for a few hours. The nail shapes and sizes are pretty true to normal nail sizes also. Easy to adjust if necessary. Easy to apply. Easy to remove.  You can mix and match also which is a neat way to change up your manicure! 

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Tampons

I was surprised to see a whole box of feminine care products included in a voxbox!  That was a first for me. What a nice surprise. With that being said, I am not a tampon user, but for the sake of review, I opened one of the tampon wrappers so I could look, feel and check these out.  
They had a pleasant fragrance to them. And the packaging was very sleek and cute.  Perfect for women on the go. 

NYC Expert Last Lip Color in #447 Forever Fuchsia 
Retails for $1.99

HOLY CRAP this color is HOT Pink! It is way too bright for me and my pale complexion. 
The texture was silky, the color is true to its namesake and it's tube. Definitely not for me.
But no hate. This product is beautiful and very good quality, and you cannot beat that price!

Rimmel London Stay Matte Mousse Foundation in #100 Ivory
Retails for $4.99

I like this product A LOT!  I have used it now for a while and it has replaced all of my other foundations. When I say a little goes a long way, I mean it. It covers effortlessly, and leaves skin very matte. No shine gets through! Lasts almost all day. The only complaint I have at this time is it is kind of a pain to wash off your fingers, and off your face. I have to scrub it off, with facial cleanser and warm water.  Other than that, this product lives up to its hype. 
I will definitely be purchasing this in the future. 

Pilot Acroball PureWhite  pen
Retails for $7.49 for a 5 pack

Very nice pen with a nice comfortable grip. Quick drying gel-like ink that writes so smooth! I like this pen a lot and plan to use it often! #PenItFWD

RedRose Real Tea Brewed Tea Premium Water Enhancer in Blackcurrant Raspberry
Retails for $4.49

This stuff was sooo yummy! I preferred to add the flavoring to just plain cold water and drink it as if it were iced tea! I used the whole thing in a couple of days because I loved it so much. Very comparable to Mio Sweet Tea Water Enhancer. But I prefer RedRose brand! Had an actual tea flavor!  #realtea

Overall, great voxbox! I love the variety of products I got to try. As always, thank you Influenster!