Review: The Tea Spot Tea

Everybody knows that I have been addicted to coffee since I can remember, but I am proud to say that I am now too am officially a tea drinker! I am in LOVE with a company I just discovered. This new love started with just a free product sample I got in the mail.  This company is called The Teas Spot. 

 The Tea Spot is a company based in Boulder, Colorado that was founded in 2004 by a cancer survivor named Maria Uspenski.   She drank tea for the health benefits* during her cancer recovery and now promotes wellness for others through luxury loose-leaf tea drinking! 10% of all the profits are donated to cancer wellness and community programs! 

To learn more please visit: http://theteaspot.com/

This is what came in the mail: 

I cannot tell you how AMAZING this tea smelled.  This tea is called Climber's High and it was a chai spiced & energy boosting blend that contains Yerba Mate which is an herbal tea that comes from South America.  I loved that this smelled and tasted of black licorice!  

Screenshot from The Tea Spot webpage:

Inside the sample:

I didn't have any Steepware, so I wrapped the tea sample into a coffee filter and hand steeped it into hot water.  Immediately it turned my water into this beautiful black tea. 

I enjoyed every drop of that sample and I cannot wait to purchase more! 

Overall my first impression was very very good. I looked at their webpage and was overwhelmed at how many different types of teas that they have!  There are man categories and types of teas that I never knew existed.  I just want to try them all!  Mainly for the health benefits though! This company has done a good job of listing ingredients that are in each blend and defining what makes each one special and unique!  If there was ever a company that I wanted to succeed and be around for a long time, it would be this one! 10 years and going strong! Can't go wrong with tea! This company's website has a detailed Steeping GuideGift SetsRecipesTraditions and lots of different Specials going on at any given time.  And that's not all! So much to learn on their site! Don't for get their 10% Pledge! 

To learn more please visit: http://theteaspot.com/

Check out this video if you need more convincing about how awesome this company is!

Thank you The Tea Spot for my sample. I will be a repeat customer!