BzzReport: Freschetta Gluten Free Pizza

I joined a BzzCampaign for Freschetta Gluten Free Pizza! 
I #GotItFree courtesy of BzzAgent for review purposes! 

This was my first time trying Gluten Free pizza. I do not personally have to eat gluten free food like individuals with Celiac disease or people who suffer from gluten sensitivities, however I chose to join this campaign to be open-minded about other foods and to try something new.  Gluten-Free is a "fad diet" for some, and today I am sharing my thoughts on it. 

So this is what came in my BzzKit!

I got a FREE coupon to redeem for 1 Freschetta Gluten Free Pizza (I chose 4 Cheese Medley) and I got a pretty nifty Freschetta Gluten Free blade-less pizza cutter! 

The box said to pre-heat and cook it at 450 degrees for 12-16 minutes. 
I cooked min in 14 minutes. 



For starters, this pizza was not available in very many stores in my area. I had to get on the Freschetta website and enter my zipcode into the store locator to find the correct place to redeem my coupon.  I made several store trips before I realized I needed to do this.  Imagine my surprise when after all of that.. when I tried the pizza, I was unfortunately filled with great sadness, because this pizza it did not taste as amazing as I had hoped.  I like to have 3 specifics in mind when eating pizza. 1. Crispy Crust 2. Lots of Toppings 3. Tastes Amazing! Win! Right?   Well, the crust was nice and crispy. The topping being just 4 cheese was so plain. And the taste... very BLAND.  It was not terrible, but I had higher expectations from Freschetta, because I know they deliver when it comes to taste with their other products! A personal favorite is the Freschetta Brick Oven Crust Pizza in 3 Meat Medley.  Now that pizza tastes amazing. (See photo below)  Anyways, back to the Gluten Free Pizza... It reminded me of eating cardboard! It didn't have a lot of flavor.  This makes me wonder if all gluten-free foods are that way?!  If so, I apologize to anybody who has to live off of gluten-free food. I mean nobody any disrespect. In fact, kudos to you. I cannot do it.  I promise not to take my eat-whatever-I-want diet for granted ever again!  

Pizza Rating: 5/10
Would I purchase in the future?: No
Do I still love Freschetta?: ABSOLUTELY

Now that's what I'm talkin' about! ^ NOM!! 

For More Information: 

Thank you Freschetta and BzzAgent for allowing me to try this new product for review purposes.