Influenster Jolly VoxBox

I was lucky enough to get into the campaign for the 3rd annual holiday voxbox, and this year it was called the #JollyVoxBox. 

So excited to be starting my 3rd year as an part of Influenster Nation!! 

Now to my box!

Disclaimer: All of these products in this VoxBox were sent to me for testing purposes courtesy of Influenster.  

This particular voxbox was different than most I have participated in. I like the difference/variations of products in this box. This was the first time receiving duck tape for me to review, so I was excited. I have reviewed lip products a few times and chocolates too, but who cares? I always get so excited to see a voxbox in my mailbox!!  It was definitely jolly! 

This #JollyVoxBox contained:

Nestle SkinnyCow Divine Chocolates in Peanut Butter Creme

Puffs Plus Lotion Ultra Soft To Go Pack

Rimmel London Show Off Lip Laquer in Stargazer

NYC HD Trio #781 in Long Beach Sands

Ducklings DuckTape in Paint Splatter

Rimmel London Show Off Lip Laquer in Stargazer was a nude lip color with some shimmer. Very glossy and not sticky! Retails for $5.99 #ShowOffLipLaquer Rimmel London Twitter

These convenient little packs can go in your purse or jacket pocket. They retail for $.49!! #PassthePuffs Puffs

I like the neutral colors in this trio. Reminds me of Virgin, Sin, and Naked from my Naked Palette. Very similar colors for way cheaper. This retails for $2.99.  NYC Twitter #HDColorTrio

My 5 year old daughter used the mini Ducklings to wrap Christmas gifts. Didn't really match the wrapping paper, but who cares! She had so much fun playing with it. These cute mini rolls retail for $2-$3. #miniducklings 

These SkinnyCow divine chocolates were AMAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZING. I shared the entire box with my family, and everybody loved them. Will definitely be purchasing these. A box retails for $3.99!!  #indulgeWithSkinny 

As usual, thank you Influenster.

Deja Brew

Ever have those days where you wake up and think to yourself--"I am about to write several blogs/reviews that I have been neglecting to do." (Or insert anything else such as laundry folding, spring cleaning, yard work..etc) But then.. those things STILL wind up being procrastinated?  Yeahhh. Been that kind of day, EVERYDAY this week. Just been lacking motivation for anything to do with social networking lately. Been lacking motivation for ANYTHING that requires moving period for the last week and a half. Since I hurt my back. Anyways TGIF. (FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY.)--You just sang that... didn't you? :P  I have had so much coffee today, and I am wide awake and finally really ready to tackle my blog and/or do some much needed photo editing. Will it get done though? Hah! Who knows? Guess it remains to be seen I suppose. Here is a start!I just typed up this blog that had ZERO purpose. Why am I rambling? So grateful for Fridays, Family, and Coffee. Did I mention coffee??  Cannot live without it!  I feel like I have said these things before. Oh, wait! I have! woahhh! I am typing my exact thoughts right now! Squirrel! (jk) Too much coffee?  Naaa! xo.

Back Problems

So, I have had to pleasure of sitting on my ass basically for the last week and a half. I am really miserable, but I did bring it on myself. Let me explain.

You see, on Tuesday last week, I was lifting my daughter Caitlyn, out of her wheelchair and putting her into her bed. While at approximately a 90 degree angle, (bent over with Caity in my arms) the small of my back all of a sudden had this sharp stabbing pain in it and I simply let out a scream followed by lots of tears and pain down the backs of both of my legs. I put Caity down and then I fell down onto the floor and lied there. I couldn't move. I had to crawl to my bedroom which thankfully is across the hall. The worst of it was climbing into my bed. Once I managed to get there, I stayed there.

I cried for a few hours. Then my husband came home from work, and saw me in pain and insisted on taking me to the emergency room.  So, we got a sitter for the girls, and left. We sat in the ER for 4 hours before being seen. It was the longest wait ever. I thought I was going to die. I was even put in "acute" care so I could be seen even faster than normal, but still had to wait that long.  o.0

When we got back, my vitals were done and I had really high blood pressure and the pain was so bad that right away they gave me a shot of Dilaudid-HP in my right shoulder for pain and after about 10 minutes it made me extremely nauseous, and I started dry heaving and I couldn't breath. I passed out and my husband said my I stopped breathing and several people came in to wake me up and get me breathing again. I also became numb in my lower extremities and so I was given another shot and was taken back for an MRI of my back. I have very little recollection of this MRI, other than some nurse asking me if I liked country music and putting headphones over my ears and making me lay on a bed that moved into the MRI machine. I passed out immediately and was awoken an hour later to a nurse trying to wake me to dress me.

The impression said fractured disc, severe distal lumbar disc degeneration and protrusion at L5-S1 with impingement. At L4-L5 there is an annular tear with low grade spondylitisthesis.

We ended up being released from the hospital at about 2:30am  and I have a follow up appointment at the surgery center on the 24th. I have to be there at 7am and I am nervous. I was told back surgery might be an option but I could end up permanently paralyzed if that happens.  Might have to just deal with pain management through shots.

My daughter Caity just went through back surgery and the last thing I ever thought could happen to me is having back surgery myself.

I am worried.

Been over a week and my pain has lessened from about a 10 on the pain scale to about a 6 consistently.  I am able to stand up now and walk, but I sort of resemble a penguin doing so.   :((