Calvin Klein Reveal Influenster VoxBox

I received courtesy of Influenster a special voxbox complimentary for testing purposes. 
In this voxbox, I got a sample of the new men's cologne Reveal by Calvin Klein.  I also got a Calvin Klein card case for a wallet.  

This was my first time sampling a Calvin Klein Men's Fragrance, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. I found Reveal to be a very satisfyingly delicious cologne and I hope that my husband will eventually purchase a full-sized bottle.   This scent was woody, but had a sweet undertone. At first I didn't like it, but then I sprayed it onto my husband's jacket and then I fell in love.  It's not overwhelming. It's very light, but very long lasting. 

If you're in the market for a new cologne/perfume, you should check out Calvin Klein Reveal. They have it for both him and her.  Check out the following links to learn more! 



Giveaway: Evian® Facial Spray

The Wilkes Group is hosting a giveaway!

The giveaway is for 2 5oz Evian Facial Sprays. There will be20 winners.  Winners chosen randomly.
Giveaway ends 3/29/2015

(To Enter, use the form below!)

About: Evian Facial Spray is an ultra-fine pure natural mist made for re-hydrating skin and refreshing makeup! The mist is has cleansing properties that benefits mothers and babies alike.   This gentle and hypoallergenic product is for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin. Product comes in a leak-proof cannister so it's very convenient. This product retails for $12.50 for 5 oz and $18 for 10 oz.

Uses: Facial cleansing, post make-up removal residual cleansing, cleansing baby bottoms, refreshing makeup, to refresh perspiration, & simply to refresh dehydrated skin.  For more suggested uses or tips on how to use this product please visit: http://www.evianspray.com/product-category/products/

Good luck! Check back if you win and let me know!

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Turquoise hair & Lip Ring!

Welcome back to my blog. How are you?? I am doing as good as I can. Before you assume... the answer is no. NO, I am not going through a midlife or identity crisis.  I'm not a "closet freak" as I was recently asked either. Hahaha. I just made another hair change. I had rocked a lovely red fro for about 5 months and found myself very bored, so I started constantly pinning teal hair onto my Pinterest, and out of nowhere, I did it.  Oh and I pierced my lower lip. Wut?!  That makes me a freak?  Yayyyy! I have always wanted to stand out and do my own thing! Everybody who knows me, knows that I have always been a leader and not a follower. I do what I want. Not for you. I do it for me. What I wanted was to change my appearance. Although, I should have done this probably about 10 years ago.  It seemed super impulsive & fun to do now! Yeahhhhh. I love it. Hubs loves it too. He used to rock a lip ring and black spikey hair back in the day. /swoon   #yolo

 I bought the following with my own money  prior to doing my hair at home. (Note: I am NOT a professional, but I have been coloring my hair for 17 years on my own, so I have experience!)

Ion Sensitive Scalp 30 Volume Developer,  Quick Blue Bleach packet (x2), Coconut Oil Hair Serum, Ion Color Solutions Intense Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner, Vidal Sassoon Conditioner, Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise Hair Color (x2), bowl and mixing brush.    Off to the side I had gloves, a robe and an old towel also. 

Clairol Shimmer Lights Purple Shampoo for toning down the brass! 

First bleach my hair looked like:

2nd bleach looked pretty yellow! Goodbye red! Hello blonde!

And Turquoise! 

2 weeks post hair color! It's faded, but still vibrant.

(This image on Pinterest is what sparked my interest for blue hair!) 

 This is me!

I decided to only rock the blue for about 3 weeks and then I went blonde again! My next hair color adventure awaits! 

Review: Zenwise Labs Advanced Green Tea Extract + Vitamin C

I have weight loss goals. I am a very healthy person. My diet is pretty good. When I say pretty good, I mean, all the food I eat is delicious. ;)    Ha ha ha.  Really though. I eat a lot of colorful foods. My diet consists of a lot of salads, raw fruits & veggies, Chinese takeout and coffee. I mean.. it's not perfect, but it is pretty good.    In the last say 4 years, I have at no fault other than my own, gotten lazy with my body. I've gotten soft.  I am in no way overweight, but I would like to lose 20 lbs. Having a bad back unfortunately makes working out and any strenuous exercise very difficult for me. I weight 140 lbs right now. Most of my adult life I tend to fluctuate around 120-125 lbs.  I have tried diet and exercise but now I am combining that with a supplement! 
That brings me to Advanced Green Tea Extract + Vitamin C.  When I received this product I first weighed 147 lbs!  In just under 2 weeks, I have lost 7 lbs.  It may not seem like much but it's slow and steady and all I have done is take the recommended daily dose! Cannot wait to see how much weight I can lose and keep off by bikini season! 

This product was sent to me complimentary for testing purposes
 courtesy of Zenwise Labs in exchange for my honest review! 

About: Adavanced Green Tea Extract+ Vitamin C contains 725 mg Green Tea Extract and in this bottle there are 120 Vegetarian Capsules that are made with caffeine free green tea. This green tea extract is a dietary supplement that promotes weight loss, boosts immune system & increases brain function. Both men & women can use this. 100% money back guarantee!
This product retails for $49.95 but is currently on sale for $22.95 on Amazon

Usage Tip: My only recommendation is that you remember to stay hydrated. Drink lots of water!!  I find myself feeling very dehydrated since I have started taking these capsules.  

Pros: The pills do not smell bad. The capsules do not have a flavor upon swallowing. No harsh after-swallow taste either.Capsules are easy to swallow, despite their size.  No adverse or noticeable side effects to report! Great appetite suppressant.  Vitamin C Boost! Gluten Free & Cruelty Free! 

Cons: I do not feel an energy increase when using these supplements.

For more information: http://ZenwiseLabs.com

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Exuviance Super Retinol Concentrate #SleepOnIt Giveaway!

Exuviance® Giveaway!

Exuviance is giving away a full size Super Retinol Concentrate (a $78 value!) to 25 lucky winners. 
US only please. 

Exuviance® (The Science of Skin Transformation)

Exuviance was created by a couple of doctors who are widely recognized in the field of cosmetic dermatology known as Dr. Van Scott and Dr. Yu. Together the duo discovered and patented the first Glycolic Peel and have continued to work together to develop new anti-aging products that transform skin with the best formulas and state of the art technologies! 

 Product Description:

Exuviance Super Retinol Concentrate is a skin serum that is used to time-release pure Retinol to maximize potency. It's widely recommended by dermatologists for its anti-aging power and benefits. It's been known to reduce wrinkles, and minimize the appearance of fine lines. Overall this product promotes healthy and smoother skin and skin tones. It's patented with NeoGlucosamine which works with Retinol to make it even better. These two ingredients when put together make the skin become firmer and creates new skin cells, which transforms the skin from the inside out. You're left with beautiful, youthful looking skin.  After 8 weeks of use during clinical trials, studies showed 100% reported firmer skin. 95% said fine lines and wrinkles had went away!  

If this sounds like an awesome product that you'd like to try, enter the giveaway above for your chance to win! If you can't wait to see if you'd win, then this product retails for $78.   

Click here to buy: Exuviance Super Retinol
To share this giveway: https://promosimple.com/ps/6bdc

What is your favorite nighttime beauty tips or tricks?
Tweet +NeoStrataSkin @neostrataskin and use #sleeponit

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Review: InstaNatural Essential Oils

InstaNatural is an FDA-certified company located in Florida (USA) whose mission is to provide organic skincare products inspired by nature, without harmful ingredients.   The company takes such pride in their products that they are backed by a lifetime satisfaction guarantee! 

Disclaimer: I got to try out 2 of InstaNaturals products complimentary courtesy of InstaNatural for testing and review purposes. 

I received 2 full sized 4 fl oz bottles of Aromatherapy Essential Oils. One was Lemon Essential Oil, and the other was Peppermint Essential Oil.  

100% Natural Pure Cold-Pressed Lemon Essential Oil is made from the oils found in the peel (rind) of a lemon.  It has many uses, but is typically used as an astringent or a toner for the face.  This product is very uplifting when used in a diffuser.  It is very strong and needs to be diluted when applied to the skin.  When I used it, I applied it to a cotton ball and diluted it with a Vitamin C Serum, (although, the product has Vitamin C in it already). This took the extra sting out.   When using Lemon Oil as a toner, it minimizes the appearance of pores and tightens skin! I recommend using twice daily for a pick-me-up and to refresh your skin!

This product retails for $19.97 for a 4 fl oz bottle. 

100% Pure and Natural Peppermint Essential Oil is derived from leaves 
of the Mentha Piperita herb which is where the invigorating menthol fragrance comes from.  I have found Peppermint Oil to have MANY uses. When used in a diffuser, its minty aroma is able to provide some relief from stress, anxiety, and headaches as it clears the mind, increases focus & mental alertness and aids in improved concentration.  A single whiff can help as a nasal decongestant. 

When you have a stomach ache, Peppermint Essential Oil can be used aid indigestion. When added to shampoo, it can help dandruff to go away by increasing blood circulation and promoting hair growth. It can help kill bad breath causing bacteria and kill off any bacteria causing pain in the mouth. It can be used to keep insects and odors away by placing a few drops into the bottom of a garbage can, a toilet, or onto a cotton ball that you place in the back of a cupboard and you have a homemade insect repellent.  That is just a few uses that come to mind. I personally had success when I used this oil when I had menstrual cramps and a migraine this past week by rubbing some oil directly onto my abdomen, and to my temples and my pains went away! 

This product retails for $19.97 for 4 fl oz.

If you're in the market for essential oils, then I highly recommend InstaNatural Essential Oils. They have a huge selection of skin care products on their website.
For more information: http://instanatural.com/

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