Review: InstaNatural Essential Oils

InstaNatural is an FDA-certified company located in Florida (USA) whose mission is to provide organic skincare products inspired by nature, without harmful ingredients.   The company takes such pride in their products that they are backed by a lifetime satisfaction guarantee! 

Disclaimer: I got to try out 2 of InstaNaturals products complimentary courtesy of InstaNatural for testing and review purposes. 

I received 2 full sized 4 fl oz bottles of Aromatherapy Essential Oils. One was Lemon Essential Oil, and the other was Peppermint Essential Oil.  

100% Natural Pure Cold-Pressed Lemon Essential Oil is made from the oils found in the peel (rind) of a lemon.  It has many uses, but is typically used as an astringent or a toner for the face.  This product is very uplifting when used in a diffuser.  It is very strong and needs to be diluted when applied to the skin.  When I used it, I applied it to a cotton ball and diluted it with a Vitamin C Serum, (although, the product has Vitamin C in it already). This took the extra sting out.   When using Lemon Oil as a toner, it minimizes the appearance of pores and tightens skin! I recommend using twice daily for a pick-me-up and to refresh your skin!

This product retails for $19.97 for a 4 fl oz bottle. 

100% Pure and Natural Peppermint Essential Oil is derived from leaves 
of the Mentha Piperita herb which is where the invigorating menthol fragrance comes from.  I have found Peppermint Oil to have MANY uses. When used in a diffuser, its minty aroma is able to provide some relief from stress, anxiety, and headaches as it clears the mind, increases focus & mental alertness and aids in improved concentration.  A single whiff can help as a nasal decongestant. 

When you have a stomach ache, Peppermint Essential Oil can be used aid indigestion. When added to shampoo, it can help dandruff to go away by increasing blood circulation and promoting hair growth. It can help kill bad breath causing bacteria and kill off any bacteria causing pain in the mouth. It can be used to keep insects and odors away by placing a few drops into the bottom of a garbage can, a toilet, or onto a cotton ball that you place in the back of a cupboard and you have a homemade insect repellent.  That is just a few uses that come to mind. I personally had success when I used this oil when I had menstrual cramps and a migraine this past week by rubbing some oil directly onto my abdomen, and to my temples and my pains went away! 

This product retails for $19.97 for 4 fl oz.

If you're in the market for essential oils, then I highly recommend InstaNatural Essential Oils. They have a huge selection of skin care products on their website.
For more information: http://instanatural.com/

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