Family Time

I am not particularly close to my siblings and so I never get to see their children, however, my brother Kevin brought his children to visit me this past weekend and so I had to capture some pictures!  My nephew Ryan just had his 2nd birthday last Saturday and on his birthday he spent the whole day at my house just playing and being spoiled.  He clearly enjoyed being surrounded by a bunch of princesses.  My daughters Evangeline & Jocelyn and my nieces Natilyn & Cristina all played together for the first time in over a year. It was really fun and everybody had a great time. 

Seeing little Ryan, just made me miss my brother Ryan who we lost 2 years ago.  My nephew was named after my brother and it's a bitter sweet deal having one and not the other around.  
RIP Ryan Lee Cassidy. I love miss you bub.

Me with my little brothers Ryan (left) and Cody.