Pura d'or Product Review

The following 2 products you see are from Pura D'or complimentary in exchange for my honest review. 

The Pura D'or company mission is to create organic person care solutions that work naturally. At least 95% of their products are made with organic ingredients that are certified by the USDA, CCOF, Soil Association Organic and the Canada Organic Regime.


The first product is Pura D'or Premium Organic Argan Oil-Based Conditioner in Lavender Vanilla.  

 This conditioner is hands down, my favorite conditioner of all time. 

This ph balanced product is made up of 99% Vegetable Base Ingredients and contains no Paraben, no Sulfate, and is Gluten Free.  It's completely Argan Oil Based and it manages frizz and enhances shine.  It's fortified with multi-vitamins, coconut and vegetable proteins which help hydrate, heal, and repair damaged hair without excess product buildup. 

The fragrance smells amazing. Lavender Vanilla. Leaves your hair smelling so incredible.  I recommend leaving this in your hair for about 5 minutes if you want to dramatically decrease frizz.  I noticed results with the first use, and I have naturally curly hair, so my hair is always frizzy!   This conditioner is safe for everyday use and can be used as a leave-in also.  

This product retails for $24.99 for a 16 fl oz bottle. 

The next product I got to try is the Pura D'or  Pure and Organic Argan Oil.  

Pure and Organic Argan Oil is  produced using imported Argan Oil from South Western Morroco.  It's cold-pressed, unrefined, and has zero chemicals added to it. It's in it's purest form and is safe for all skin, hair and nail types. 

Argan Oil has many uses. It's often used to restore, relief and repair damaged and aging skin and skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis.  It can be used to treat acne and it can help diminish wrinkles, stretch marks, and scarring. 

To use, the directions say to use a pea-sized amount which is equal to one half pump of product.  Then massage the oil into the desired area for 1 minute and you can reapply as much and as often as needed.  

I found the Argan Oil to have a light fragrance that is pleasant.  The oil, is very oily and it takes a while for it to absorb into the skin, or hair.  It does leave your skin feeling oily, however, once it absorbs after a few minutes, it leaves your skin feeling soft.  

I personally have acne prone skin, chemically processed hair, and brittle nails. I have used this product in my daily routine for the past week and have noticed shinier hair, softer cuticles, and healthier skin on my face. 

This product retails for $24.99 for a 4oz bottle on their website. 

To learn more, and see the complete list of products they offer please visit:  https://www.purador.com/all-products      


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