Snuggle Fresh Spring Flowers Mission

I'm a member of Team Snuggle and I got my very first mission from the Bear Den! This is a new product by Snuggle which includes a new scent, Fresh Spring Flowers. 

Today, I'm sharing with you Snuggle Fresh Spring Flower Dryer Sheets! 

Cute packaging. Snuggle Bear looks cute as always. 40 Sheets in box. Upon opening, an incredible fragrance filled the air!  After using in my dryer, my clothes had very little static and they smelled absolutely amazing.  I also decided to tuck some dryer sheets in sock drawers, my luggage this past weekend, and in pillow cases to refresh!  I found each dryer sheet to be long lasting. You can basically use each sheet for 2 loads and still have the same freshness as if you used only 1!! Definitely makes you want to grab the nearest blanket, and snuggle!! I would recommend these to anybody! 

For anybody interested in a free printable coloring sheet, use the link below!

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*FTC: I received this product complimentary for testing purposes in exchange for my honest review and feedback!*