Book Review: Exploring Christian Theology Vol. 2 Creation, Fall, and Salvation

For those interested in Christian reading, I suggest giving this book a read.

Exploring Christian Theology Vol. II
Creation, Fall, and Salvation
By Nathan D. Holsteen & Michael J. Svigel

Two Dallas Seminary professors Nathan Holsteen and Michael Svigel come together to write about key doctrines of Christianity. This book, (Vol II of a 3 part series) highlights From Dust to Dust: Creation, Humanity and the Fall and Wise Unto Salvation: Gospel, Atonement, and Saving Grace.
The sole purpose of this book is to understand GOD better. 

For starters, upon opening and reading the very first pages, I was hooked. The writing style of this book had my eyes glued to the pages for hours. I love books that engage me as a reader right off the bat, and this book was one of them!  I was very nervous about reading this book because the book title alone was intimidating for some reason, but I was pleasantly surprised at how the writers wrote as if they were talking to me.  

On the very first pages, in the Introduction to be exact, page 8, it reads:

For some people, the word doctrine summons yawns of tedium, shudders of trepidation, or frowns of suspicion. Dogmatic preachers exasperate them, feuding denominations weary them, and droning scholars bore them.
When people hear the word theology, the condition sometimes worsens. They picture massive tomes packed with technical discussions, less-than-crucial data, and incomprehensible footnones--unusable information to distract them from God rather than drawing them nearer.

RIGHT??  This was exactly my first impression. I was scared to pick up this book.  But then I kept reading.  And what I found inside of it was exactly what I wasn't expecting.
Basically this book summarizes that God has a plan for all of us and that the good news about God's story is that anybody can be apart of it. (pg. 19) 

Some highlights I am taking from this book:

  • Dangers to Avoid.
  • Sin is an existing fact.
  • Through Adam's original sin, we are born sinners and can only be saved by the grace of God.
  • Humanity was created in the image of God despite what science and skeptics say.
  • Angels and demons are finite creatures of their infinite Creator. They only do God's Will.
  • Salvation is by grace alone.
  • Karma doesn't exist. Jesus tells us in John 3:9 that good things happen and bad things happen. The rain falls on the just and the unjust and disaster affects us all. 
  • It is my responsibility to trust that God's Promises are sure; He will complete what He started.
  • We will never outgrow the need for our Savior. 
  • We live in a broken world, but grace fixes what's broken. The gospel is our only hope.
  • Salvation is God's gift to us.
  • Unlimited Atonement: The view that Christ died for all of us, without exception and those who have faith in Him will be saved.  

I enjoyed the scripture memory verses, and diagrams throughout this book. Being a visual person, the diagrams helped.  Voices From the Past and Present is a chapter that shares quotes and passages from different people through the years. I love when wisdom is shared this way.  There were many excerpts that I related to. At the end of both Part One and Part Two of this book is small chapters called Shelf Space For Your Library with about 5 pages each half of the book of reading suggestions with titles, authors, publishing information, whether the reading material is for beginners, intermediate, or advanced ratings. This is extremely helpful as I am always looking for new reading material to study.   I will be using this book for many references. 

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Exploring Christian Theology Vol. II
Creation, Fall, and Salvation
By Nathan D. Holsteen & Michael J. Svigel

272 pages
Published by: Bethany House
Christian Theology
Retails for $16.99
ISBN: 978-0-7642-1131-7

*FTC Disclaimer: This book was sent to me complimentary of BethanyHouse in exchange of my honest review*

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