Review: Dr. Pergolizzi's OxyRub Pain Relief Cream

Do you suffer from tired, sore muscles or joint pain? I know I do! I've had a bad back for 2 years now and I go through topical analgesics like crazy!  It wasn't until I tried this one that I found one that significantly made a difference! 

Dr. Perogolizzi's OxyRub Pain Relief Cream is a muscle and joint pain relief cream that penetrates deep to the source of your discomfort. It is fast absorbing and isn't at all greasy. 

Dr. Joseph Pergolizzi is a doctor at the Naples Anesthesia and Pain Associates Group of Southwest Florida and he's specifically known for his international research and expertise in pain medicine. 

Impression:  Nice packaging. Product comes in an easy to read, neatly labeled 4oz tube. Upon opening the product to try it, I noticed a sort of minty/citrus fragrance. It wasn't unpleasant. Very light. Easy instructions. Just apply to affected area. I tried the product on my wrist first to see if I had an allergic reaction and when I noticed I didn't I went ahead and applied this to my lower back where it hurts a lot.  It started working immediately. Not too hot. Not too cold. But amazing. I felt the warmth and this cream really did help ease my discomfort.  I will say this though, it wasn't super long lasting. I had to reapply the product a couple of times because the effect wore off too soon for my liking. I will say this product for me, works better than Icy/Hot and Bengay, but is very similar for those who like comparisons. It's above par! 

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OxyRub Pain Relief Cream retails for $24.95
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*FTC DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me complimentary in exchange for honest feedback!*

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