Review: imPRESS Press-On Manicure

Are you a busy Mom? Are you constantly on the go, but desperately needing a quick makeover to your nails?  Do you need a manicure but can't afford the cost of visiting a salon?  Have little girls who like to play dress up, but don't want to damage their little nails with nail glue? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then a super fun, and easy solution I'd like to share with you is the imPress Press On Manicure!

imPress Press On Manicures
A revolutionary way to apply nail polish in the form of a  water proof press on manicure that is long lasting and doesn't damage nails!

Holy CUTE!! These imPress Manicures are so much fun to play with. Not only are they EASY to apply, they are completely customizable, meaning you can mix and match your manicure to your mood, or your outfits! I had so much fun putting these on myself, and my daughters.  

To apply, first make sure your nails are free of nail polish and then you can begin. Each nail kit contains an alcohol prep pad and a nail file. Start by rubbing the alcohol pad along the surface of each nail. Then you can separate out your nails by size and fit. Then you peel the plastic backing off and stick to your natural nail, holding and pressing each nail for a few seconds to ensure it's secure. Once all nails are done, you can use the file to shape and customize your fit.  I found this process to take all of 10 minutes!   I left my imPress manicure on my nails for 3 days before one came loose and I peeled all of them off. Not bad at all!  I will definitely use these again!! 

I got 2 samples to try out, in the designs, Harlem Shake which was an accent nail pack, and Tweetheart which included 2 cute heart accessories that adhere to nails after applied!

-24 Nails per pack with 12 varying sizes.
-No Glue!
-Zero Drying Time
-Quick to apply and easy to remove!
-These come in varying designs and colors! 

-Not reusable.
 I personally have wide nail beds, and I felt that the fit, though each package comes with a great selection of fit (12 different sizes), that some were simply too small for my nails, and therefore left a little bit of my natural nail exposed.  To remedy this, I took a nail polish that matched, and "covered" what wasn't.  It worked just fine. Didn't make me love these any less!

imPRESS retails for $7.99 at Walgreens
For more information: www.imPRESSmanicure.com

*FTC Disclaimer: This product was sent to me complimentary in exchange for my honest review! *

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