Book Review: Bathsheba: Reluctant Beauty By Angela Hunt

Bathsheba: Reluctant Beauty
By Angela Hunt
Biblical Fiction
Retails for: $14.99

Carefully researched,  Author Angela Hunt reimagines the story of Bathsheba,  
 a notorious woman from the Bible known for being a beautiful woman, the wife of  King David and the mother of Solomon, with a lot of loss and sadness in her life. 

I love learning about women from the Bible times.  I was drawn to the cover of the book immediately. The cover photo was gorgeous. The words Reluctant Beauty really stood out to me when I chose to read this book and I can say now after reading it that Bathsheba was exactly that. 

As a young child, a prophet named Samuel said Bathsheba will grow to be a beautiful wife of a man of Israel and will bear a son who will do great things for Israel. 
When Bathsheba is grown, she is married to Uriah the Hittite, one of King David's soldiers, but she has not given him any children, so she assumed the prophecy was wrong. 

 King David sees Bathsheba bathing one day and lusts for her beauty, and decides to have her summoned to rape her. She tells the King she was married to Uriah, and the King ignores her pleas and has his way with her. Bathsheba becomes pregnant. 

To cover his actions the King calls for Uriah to be sent home to be with his wife whom he hasn't seen for 5 months, but Uriah refused to go home. Instead, he continues to fight for the king and his men. King David then decides to plan for Uriah to be killed. 
Later we learn that Bathsheba's grandfather had told Uriah of the King's doings and that is why he didn't go home. 

After Uriah the Hittite's death, King David takes Bathsheba as one of his wives where she is taken care of and carries out her pregnancy. 

Prophet Nathan comes into the picture and tells King David that he knows of his sins and to redeem himself the infant son must die for his sins.  The unnamed  boy baby dies shortly after birth.  Bathsheba is terribly pained by not one, but 2 losses. The King mourns the loss, but the next day returns to his normal self as if the loss didn't happen.  She blames her beauty and starts to hate the king, but desperately tries to forgive him. 

King David apologizes to Bathsheba and then vows to fulfill the prophecy by giving Bathsheba another son and naming him as his heir.  Their second son was named Solomon, who was made King when King David was on his deathbed, keeping his promise. 

What I really liked about this story was how no matter the sin, GOD still forgives and wants us to love our sinners and forgive those who sin against us. Bathsheba had to learn to trust in Him.  HE made her beautiful and to her that was considered to be a curse since her beauty came with a price to pay although she was not the sinner.  

In the end David had paid for his sins and Bathsheba found herself content with her inner beauty and the prophecy came true. 

Most of what you will read in this book come directly from the Bible, but some of it was made up to give some insight into what the characters would have probably been like. I really enjoyed this story because sometimes reading about different people in the Bible, we often forget to imagine them being every day people just like ourselves. Their stories were real, just like our lives are today, even though they happened a really long time ago. This story played out in my head as if it were present day.  Anyways, great read. 

*FTC DISCLAIMER: This book was sent to me complimentary of BethanyHouse in exchange for my honest review.*