Book Review: Blessed, Blessed, Blessed by Missy Robertson

By Missy Robertson
ISBN: 978-1-4964-0570-8
Retails for: $25.99

Missy Robertson knew that marrying duck-hunting Jase Robertson would be an adventure... and she was up to the challenge. Their life together was good (even after Jase grew the beard). They had two children, worked hard to help build the thriving Duck Commander business, and loved to serve GOD.
But after a difficult and risky pregnancy, their daughter, Mia, was born with a cleft palate-a serious condition requiring multiple cranial and facial surgeries. As their baby struggled to breathe, and Missy and Jase faced a life that suddenly looked very different that the one they'd planned, they found themselves staring down one of life's biggest questions: Where is GOD in all this pain?


For starters, I have never watched Duck Dynasty, so I was not familiar with the author's fame until this book and researching their show. I chose this book because of the title and how I felt like I could relate to this book based on it's description.  

A little personal backstory, I too have a disabled child, 9 years old. She's had 17 surgeries so far! Times have felt tough and I have often been angry at my relationship with GOD through all the tough times. But through those tough times I have found strength. My own. I marvel at how much my little girl has been through but still manages to have a sweet and constant smile on her face.  I too am very blessed.  

Now for this memoir, I'd just like to say I really enjoyed the way Missy and Jase shared their experiences candidly.  Their honesty, and love for eachother and their family was refreshing.  I loved the cover photo of the two of them and the wonderful 8 page color insert spread. More people should include those in memoirs! 

This book was a reminder that should stop and realize that celebrities are people too, with real lives and struggles like some of the rest of us. We should always celebrate family, and be humble through all the good and the bad challenges we face. 

GOD Bless Mia Robertson. The way her mother wrote about her journey had me in tears because I could relate.  I hope this little girl has a full recovery from all of her procedures and therapies.  What really makes you tear up is Mia's speech that was included at the very end of the book. She wrote about GOD calling her for special purpose just like he did Moses in Exodus. (Exodus 4:10-12) And encourages us to remember that GOD is bigger than our struggles. 

I recommend this book to any Duck Dynasty fan, and to any parent of a disabled child. Very insightful read. 


*FTC DISCLAIMER: I was provided this book complimentary by the Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for my honest review. *