Review: OZ Naturals 50% Glycolic Acid Micro Peel

Oz Naturals face peel contains 50% Glycolic Acid, which is a micro chemical peel that helps to exfoliate your skin by dissolving dead skin cells and improving the texture of your skin.

Detailed Instructions:


I am not going to sugar coat this. This product BURNED my skin. When I say burned, I mean it felt like somebody set fire to my face!! 

Before I upset anybody, let me be clear on something..  I followed the directions perfectly and even neutralized my skin afterwards but I still ended up getting a really bad burn on my face from this product. I did expect it in a way, because it is a Glycolic Acid Peel, after all. This one was a mild one too. The product had a very strong chemical smell and it made my eyes water right away. 

The burning sensation was almost immediate. (*see photo attached from 2 minutes after use!) I left the product on for less than the suggested time and immediately neutralized. My skin felt raw and very tingly and then just sore. The next day is when I really started to pay for it. My skin burned so bad.  I was afraid I didn't follow the instructions right, but after carefully re-reading them, I realized that I did in fact do what I was supposed to do, and that I do have sensitive skin when using this product, so no matter if I followed the instructions, the results were likely to be the same.  

My face over the next 15 days was the grossest it has ever been in my life. My jaw and the areas around my nose and mouth specifically were the areas the most affected and they shed several layers of stratum corneum.. aka the top 5 layers of skin. I seriously went through the motions here. I experienced very tight skin, then very scaly and dry skin, and then horrible flaking/peeling. My emotions were up and down during this process as well. I was miserable, in pain, sad & most definitely did not want to go out in public or be social with anybody outside of my home! Thankfully, slowly but surely relief eventually happened. It was as if I was a butterfly coming out of it's cocoon.. after this long and uncomfortable process, my new skin underneath started to show through more brighter and healthier than ever before.  

Some things to note:
-This product is harsh if you have sensitive skin! Please use with extreme caution. I don't mean this lightly! 
-You will need to MOISTURIZE after all of this intense exfoliation. Be prepared.
-If you experience the same burn that I have described from my experience, to combat the pain I suggest using an over the counter pain medicine.
-I DO NOT RECOMMEND that you pull off the peeling skin. Let it exfoliate naturally. TRUST ME! 
-I have no physical scarring. 

I don't like leaving negative reviews, especially from a company I really enjoy reviewing for, however, my review is 100 % completely honest and I'd like to say that I did not have an entirely positive experience with this product. In fact it was pretty unpleasant until the healing/renewal afterwards.   I will rate this product 4/5 due to possibly user error because this product did work as directed and the warnings were included.  Having sensitive skin is something I never had to deal with prior to using this product. 

*FTC DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me complimentary for testing purposes in exchange for my HONEST review. I was not paid for my opinion.* 

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