Book Review: A Worthy Heart By Susan Anne Mason

A Worthy Heart
(Courage To Dream Book 2)
By:Susan Anne Mason
ISBN: 978-0-7642-1725-8
Historical Fiction
Retails for $14.99

Maggie Montgomery and her brothers escape Ireland on the brink of war and her ex-fiance Neill Fitzgerald and come to America to live with her older brother and his wife, with the hope building a new life in the land of opportunity.


Despite not having ready the prequel, Irish Meadows (Courage to Dream Book 1), I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I read the entire book in a 6 hour (round trip) from Springfield, MO to St. Louis, MO one day and totally fell in love with this story and the characters! 

When Maggie stumbled upon handsome Adam O'Leary, she wasn't familiar with his very sad past as a criminal. Immediately drawn to him, she finds herself deeply confused by others telling her to stay away from Adam because he is "trouble".  Throughout the story Adam punishes himself constantly. He feels he doesn't deserve love or happiness and feels like he is a burden to the world. But Adam is courageous and doesn't give up. He works hard to earn back the trust of his family.  He eventually falls in love with Maggie but pushes her away time and again because of fear of himself and this idea that he is not good enough.  And old fiance of Maggie's, named Neill Fitzgerald shows up and threatens lives including Maggie's in which his assaults her and tries to force her onto a ship to go back to Ireland, giving the story some good action and drama, which also leads to an intense fight scene with Adam.  

Adam eventually earns back the trust of his family and earns the favor of Maggie's brother's too. It took him coming to terms with his dark past and uncovering a painful family secret. 

I love stories of forbidden romance that have happy endings. This was one of the most enjoyable historical fiction reads I have had in a long time. 5/5 stars! 

*FTC Disclaimer: I received this book complimentary from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review.*