Book Review: Life is Better at the Beach By Thomas Nelson & Christina Vinson

Life is Better at the Beach
Inspiration for Living Each Day Like You're at the Beach
By Thomas Nelson & Christina Vinson
ISBN: 978-0718089689
Retails for $14.99


The beautiful four-color book of inspirational photos, Bible verses, quotations, and short writings invites you to escape the buzz of the everyday and into the tranquility that the beach offers. Each section of this book will cover a “beach rule” and encouraging thoughts on how you can incorporate that mind-set or behavior into your daily life.
Much of Jesus’ ministry happened along the seashore, where He told His followers about the peace and rest His Father offered them and modeled the best way to live. In the same way, this book transports you to a favorite beach locale and helps you apply rules for beach living to everyday life—rules to slow down, to notice the beauty in the little things, and to incorporate rest into even the most stressful times.
Full of serene images, inspiring quotations, and restful Bible verses, this book will be a natural addition to your coffee table or desk, as well as a lovely gift for that beach-loving friend.
For as the waters fill the sea,    
the earth will be filled with an awareness     
of the glory of the Lord.
—Habakkuk 2:14 NLT


I found this book to be an absolute treasure. This little book is so uplifting from the moment you look at the cover. It's a nice hardback book with a beautiful gold embossing on both covers. The inside is just as exciting! You're greeted with very colorful pages, in beachy tones. The font is fun to read and the reading is light.  The table of contents breaks it up into 15 Beach Rules. These rules vary, but are very easy to follow and appreciate.  Included also are some wonderful scripture verses and calming words of wisdom. I so appreciate this book.  It reminded me to take time to appreciate rest and relaxation with a grateful heart and to ride the waves of God's plans for us. Fantastic read.

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