Product Review: Silk Nutchello

Hi guys! Back with another product review. This one was a tasty one! 

If you find yourself lactose intolerant or needing to be on a dairy-free diet or simply like the idea of enjoying plant-based, & dairy-free beverages, then Silk is a brand you should definitely give a try!  Silk products are made without artificial flavors or colors, and high fructose corn syrup. They are also extremely high in protein and have a significantly lower amount of calories than your normal sweetened drink. 

Recently through CrowdTap, I was invited to try the new Silk Nutchello. I chose 2 different flavors to compare and sample for you along with Silk Chocolate SoyMilk which I already knew I enjoyed (to get proper comparison)! 

This one is a family favorite. Silk Chocolate Soymilk. It's got 50% more calcium in it than regular dairy milk. It's lactose, gluten, egg, and MSG-free!  Plus it is delicious!  Who doesn't love a good chocolate milk??  Plut it's so creamy and smooth! 

Here is a photo of me pouring the Rich Dark Chocolate + Walnut Nutchello into a glass, over ice.  
So dark, and smooth!  I really enjoyed the flavor. 

This is a side by side visual comparison between Silk Nutchello flavors. I chose Rich Dark Chocolate + Walnuts Nutchello and then Toasted Coconut + Cashew Nutchello. 

To the world, it looks just like regular chocolate dairy milk next to plain white dairy milk, but let me tell you, these are so much better! (Plus, I'd never drink dairy milk on ice. Ew.) 
Nutchello is smooth. It tastes, and smells delicious and as a Mom, it's a great choice for my family. My children love it!   

-The Rich Dark Chocolate + Walnuts Nutchello as seen here is my favorite of the flavors I chose. Honestly, there was nothing not to like. It's simply put, so yum! I could not taste walnuts in the drink at all, but it was chocolate, so who cares? :)

-The Toasted Coconut + Cashew Nutchello as seen here was my least favorite, but only because I was already on a chocolate kick from the other two.  It is good on it's own. First impression was meh, but I drank it again with breakfast on a different day and I found that I did enjoy it's unique flavor. It's creamy and slightly sweet on it's own but has a taste that is completely unlike any other. It smells faintly of sweet coconut but does not have much coconut flavor. I think the cashew really stands out with this one as far as flavors go, but if it wasn't on the label, I wouldn't know it was cashew. I feel like this flavor of Nutchello was different from regular cashew milk.  I also couldn't get over the fact that there are only 80 calories per serving! These Nutchellos have some impressive labels. 

There is also another Nutchello flavor I did not review, as seen here.  It's Caramel Almonds + Cashew flavored. I am willing to bet it's awesome! 

Silk has a LOVE IT GUARANTEE which is pretty much awesome. If you don't love it when you try it, get your money back, but chances are, you won't have that problem! 

If you try Silk Nutchello, let me know what you think. Personally, huge fan.
To check out more of Silk's products, please visit their webpage! 

*FTC Disclaimer: One of these Silk Nutchello's were purchased with a complimentary coupon provided to me by CrowdTap for testing purposes. The other two products shown were purchased with my own money! All opinions, and photos on this blog are my own!*