Book Review: Women in Science By Rachel Ignotofsky

Women in Science
50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed The World
Written and Illustrated by Rachel Ignotofsky
ISBN: 978-1-60774-976-9
Retails for US $16.99

If you're looking for an infographic reference book that will engage your children while at the same time teaching them some valuable history lessons about some of the most notable women in Science then this is a book for you! 


Umm! Hello! What a gorgeous book! 

As a mother who homeschools her daughters, this book will not only look great on my bookshelf or tabletop (makes a great coffee table book!), but this book will be used as a reference book, or when my daughters need inspiration for future career choices or opportunity. There is no limit to what they can do and how they can change the world and this book proves that! It's a wonderful book for young girls especially when teaching them that they can do anything and that the sky's the limit! For some women, like Valentina Tereshkova in 1963 who was the first woman in space... the sky was just that. 

I really want to put an emphasis on just how much I myself truly enjoyed the illustrations and infographics. They were just so winsome! I loved every single page. There were also timelines and statistics included, also a very nice and of course illustrated glossary. These made the book more enjoyable than just listing facts and timelines. The book comes to life when you see the drawings. (One of our favorites was of a dinosaur sitting on a toilet on pg. 15)  Each illustration highlighted each of the mini bios. 

Names Mentioned:
  1. Hypatia of Alexandria-Astronomer, Mathematician and Philosopher
  2. Maria Sibylla Merian-Scientific Illustrator and Entomologist
  3. Wang Zhenyi-Astronomer, Poet, and Mathematician
  4. Mary Anning-Fossil Collector and Paleontologist
  5. Ada Lovelace-Mathematician and Writer
  6. Elizabeth Blackwell-Doctor
  7. Hertha Ayrton-Engineer, Mathematician, and Inventor
  8. Karen Horney-Psycoanalyst
  9. Nettie Stevens-Geneticist
  10. Florence Bascom-Geologist and Educator
  11. Marie Curie-Physicist and Chemist
  12. Mary Agnes Chase-Botanist and Suffragist
  13. Lise Meitner-Physicist
  14. Lillian Gilbreth-Psychologist and Industrial Engineer
  15. Emmy Noether-Mathematician and Theoretical Physicist
  16. Edith Clarke-Electrical Engineer
  17. Marjory Stoneman Douglas-Writer and Conservationist
  18. Alice Ball-Chemist
  19. Gerty Cori-Biochemist
  20. Joan Beauchamp Proctor-Zoologist
  21. Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin-Astronomer and Astrophysicist
  22. Barbara McClintock-Cytogeneticist
  23. Maria Goeppert-Mayer-Theoretical Physicist
  24. Grace Hopper-Navy Admiral and Computer Scientist
  25. Rachel Carson-Marine Biologist, Conservationist and Author
  26. Rita Levi-Montalcini-Neurologist and Italian Senator
  27. Dorothy Hodgkin-Biochemist and X-Ray Crystallographer
  28. Chien-Shiung Wu-Experimental Physicist
  29. Hedy Lamarr-Inventor and Film Actress
  30. Mamie Phipps Clark-Psychologist and Civil Rights Activist
  31. Gertrude Elion-Pharmacologist and Biochemist
  32. Katherine Johnson-Physicist and Mathematician
  33. Jane Cooke Wright-Oncologist
  34. Rosalind Franklin-Chemist and X-Ray Crystallographer
  35. Rosalyn Yalow-Medical Physicist
  36. Esther Lederberg-Microbiologist
  37. Vera Rubin-Astronomer
  38. Annie Easley-Computer Programmer, Mathematician, and Rocket Scientist
  39. Jane Goodall-Primatologist, Ethologist and Anthropologist
  40. Sylvia Earle-Marine Biologist, Explorer, and Aquanaut
  41. Valentina Tereshkova-Engineer and Cosmonaut
  42. Patricia Bath-Ophthalmologist and Inventor
  43. Christiane Nusslein-Volhard-Biologist
  44. Jocelyn Bell Burnell-Astrophysicist
  45. Sau Lan Wu-Particle Physicist
  46. Elizabeth Blackburn-Molecular Biologist
  47. Katia Krafft-Geologist and Volcanologist
  48. Mae Jemison-Astronaut, Educator and Doctor
  49. May-Britt Moser-Psychologist and Neuroscientist
  50. Maryam Mirzakhani-Mathematician

Plus! More Women in Science also mentioned but did not get a full bio:

  1. Irene Joliot-Curie
  2. Janaki Ammal
  3. Anna Jane Harrison
  4. Shirley Ann Jackson
  5. Linda Buck
  6. Francoise Barre-Sinnousi
  7. Maria Mitchell
  8. Emily Roebling
  9. Sofia Kovalevskaya
  10. Mary Leaky
  11. Edith Flanigen
  12. Ada Yonath
  13. Sally Ride
  14. Tessy Thomas

Above is a photo of my 6 year old daughter with her magnifying glass checking out all of the fascinating illustrations. She was also sounding out what she couldn't read. I cannot wait until this book becomes a tool for her as she learns more! 


Overall, I'd rate this book a 5/5. 
From cover to cover, it's just too good not to.  It's packed full of useful information and  highly educational. It's a book you'd be proud to own, that's for sure! Big hit with my family.
Highly recommend! 

*FTC Disclaimer: This book was provided to me complimentary through the Blogging For Books program in exchange for my honest review.*