Book Review: Doodletopia Fairies By Christopher Hart

Doodletopia Fairies
Draw, Design, and Color Your Own Super-Magical and Beautiful Fairies
By: Christopher Hart
ISBN: 978-1607746959


Learn to draw, design and color your own super-magical and beautiful fairies! 


If you're at all interested in drawing cartoon figures but struggle with how to bring them to life, then Doodletopia Fairies is a book for you!  The author Christopher Hart shows you step-by-step with many tutorials and easy to follow instructions/directions on how you can achieve your own beautiful drawing. He shows you how to put personality into your work to essentially bring your art to life. I feel like this book is definitely for beginners and those with advanced experience in art might think this book is cheesey, but they would still probably agree that it's instructions were simple and great for learners of all ages.  I like that you can draw directly into the book and color inside of your own drawings or on the illustrations already made for you.  This book will entertain for hours!  

This book is also workbook style, but large and sturdy. The pages feel very high quality. 

Overall, I recommend this book.

 I plan on gifting it to my niece for Christmas and I know she'll love it! 

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*FTC DISCLAIMER: Doodletopia Fairies was provided to me complimentary in exchange for my honest review through the BloggingForBooks program. All opinions are my own.*