Book Review: Raising a Young Modern-Day Princess by Doreen Hanna & Karen Whiting

Raising a Young Modern-Day Princess
Growing the Fruit of the Spirit in Your Little Girl
By Doreen Hanna & Karen Whitling
ISBN: 978-1-58997-866-9
Religion/Christian Life/Family
Retails for $14.99

This book is a resource book for parents on how to raise daughters according to biblical principles. 


First impression, looking at the cover of this book I thought to myself, "What an adorable photo!" This could be any little girl on the cover. Could be one of my own. Or even yours. As parents we all initially see our little girls as princesses-- pink, dainty and frilly. At least before they're born that's what you imagine right away. You have all of these sincere hopes and dreams for their lives planned out. Sometimes life throws you some curve balls and your children surprise you along the way. Sometimes they turn out differently than you imagined! 

 In my home, I have 3 daughters and only one of them sees herself as an actual "princess". 
My youngest daughter lives in princess dresses and likes to feel pretty 24/7, while my middle child is the exact opposite and is a tomboy in every sense. My oldest is special needs so she doesn't particularly have a preference to how she is perceived by others, although to me as her mother, I've always seen her as a sweet little princess too.   Regardless of my daughter's outward appearances, all of them are true princesses of the King, meaning the Lord.  I know this because I see the pure and honest good in their hearts and the way I parent them with excessive nurturing is shaping them to be amazing people.  (Mom brag!) 

Anyways, this darling book is a one that encourages parents to pass on the value and true meaning of being a PRINCESS (aka Child of God) who the author describes as being:


From the beginning of your time together, we are teaching our children to abide by certain mannerisms, behaviors, and how to eventually become adults who make good choices. 

This book covers conversation topics that will help guide you, no matter where you on in your journey. A beautiful thing about this particular book is that I can open it at any time and find something useful in it. The reminders inside often speak directly to me and leave me feeling truly inspired. 

I recommend this book to all parents of little princesses. If the activities inside don't get you excited, then perhaps the Fruit of the Spirit verses will, because they're so uplifting and encouraging. You can always reference back to fun activities and toolboxes, and so can Dad! 

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*FTC DISCLAIMER: This book was provided to me through Tyndale House in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.*